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Getting a Medical Card in Idaho

Getting a Medical Marijuana Prescription in ID

Idaho was one of the first four states to criminalize cannabis in 1927. Currently, marijuana is still a prohibited substance according to Idaho state law. It is illegal for anyone to manufacture, deliver, manufacture, possess, or use cannabis. Or any products that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The penalties for possessing, using, or manufacturing cannabis in Idaho can be found under the state’s Uniform Controlled Substances Act. Refer to Sections 37-2732 and 37-2372C

Medical Marijuana in Idaho (2021 Update)

Idaho may be one of the last states to legalize medical marijuana. That is because the Idaho House of Representatives and Senate are staunchly opposed to cannabis legalization. And so is Gov. Brad Little. 

Recently, however, the Idaho Supreme Court ruled in favor of new laws that would make it easier to collect signatures to change cannabis laws. Signatures must be collected in multiple jurisdictions according to guidelines that the Supreme Court felt were unconstitutional. Currently, to add cannabis legalization to the ballot, 6% of all voter signatures would have to be gathered in each one of the thirty-five (35) legislative districts. 

The process of gathering signatures is difficult and expensive for advocates and non-profit groups. The new Supreme Court ruling would only require the signatures of 6% of all voters in a minimum of eighteen (18) districts instead. 

That could mean that voters in Idaho could have an opportunity to vote on the legalization of medical marijuana in the November 2022 midterm electoral vote. Voters may decide on the Personal Adult Marijuana Decriminalization Act (PAMDA) if the matter is successfully added to the ballot. 

There are two major non-profit organizations championing the legalization of medical cannabis in Idaho; Idaho Way and Kind Idaho. Residents can visit either website and provide a signature of support. 


Who qualifies for medical marijuana in Idaho?

No one qualifies for medical cannabis in Idaho right now. Cannabis is a banned substance, and patients are not permitted access even by prescription. In other states, adults aged eighteen (18) or older are eligible to apply for a medical cannabis card. If they have a qualifying health condition and therapeutic referral. 

What medical marijuanas are available in ID?

No medical cannabis is available in the state of Idaho, as it is not yet legalized for patient use. Currently, only 0% THC cannabidiol (CBD) products are legal in Idaho, according to code S37-2701(t)The CBD products that are legal can only be made from extractions from specific areas of the plant. The five approved areas include the stalks and seeds from the achene of the plant. 

How old do you have to be to get an Idaho medical card?

Patients cannot get an Idaho medical card yet. However, the measure is expected to be on the 2022 midterm voters’ ballot. If the majority of voters want medical marijuana to be legalized, new laws could be implemented by 2023. 

Do I need to create my own MMJ patient profile?

It is not known how the patient registration process will be until the state legalizes medical cannabis. However, in most states, patients are required to create their own profiles and upload information. Including the medical card physician referral form. 

Can I register my child for medical marijuana?

There is currently no caregiver program in Idaho, as medical cannabis is not yet legalized. 

How can I become a caregiver for MMJ in Idaho?

If medical cannabis is legalized in the state of Idaho, there could be a caregiver program. That would allow the guardians or parents of children to purchase and administer medical cannabis to the patient. Caregiver registration is done by a separate application in other states that have legalized medical cannabis. But it is uncertain how Idaho may establish a caregiver program for minors and compassionate care patients. 

How do I renew my Idaho medical card?

Most states require a renewal of the medical card annually. Some states also allow a two-year renewal. All legalized states require an annual health check from a qualified physician as part of the medical marijuana card renewal. The renewal period, registration, renewal fees, and requirements will be established once Idaho passes medical cannabis legalization proceedings. 

What if I lose my medical card in Idaho?

All states provide a method of replacing your medical card for a fee. This process will be determined when (or if) Idaho legalizes medical cannabis. 

Where do you get medical marijuana in ID?

Because of Idaho’s restrictive cannabis policies, the state may not license retail medical cannabis dispensaries. It may opt instead to provide prescriptions that are dispensed at pharmaceutical locations instead. 

When did medical marijuana in ID become legal?

Medical cannabis is not legal in Idaho yet, but may be placed on the November 2022 midterm election ballot for voters to decide. 

The History of Medical Marijuana in Idaho

1927In Idaho, it has been illegal to use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes since 1927. The mayor of Boise at the time indicated that cannabis was introduced to the state by Mexican migrant workers on state beet farms. 

Migrant workers were also used to build the Short Line Railroad in nearby Oregon. Mayor Walter F. Hasen said that smoking “Grifo” was prevalent among migrant workers and supported the ban against marihuana in 1927.

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August 2019—The Secretary of State in Idaho approves a medical marijuana legalization initiative. This clears a path to have the Idaho Cannabis Coalition (ICC) start to collect signatures to have legalization placed on the 2020 election ballot. The group is required to collect 55 057 signatures. 

Source Web 2021:

February 2021—The Idaho Senate approved a Constitutional amendment that would block Schedule 1 drugs from becoming legalized in the state. The Senate State Affairs Committee approved the resolution with a 21-11 vote. By April 2021, the Constitutional amendment and ban were rejected by the Idaho House of Representatives. 

Source Web 2021:

October 2021—Idaho becomes the last state in America to legalize the cultivation and transportation of hemp. The 2018 Farm Act made hemp federally legal, provided the hemp was 0.30% THC or lower. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture received approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Gov. Brad Little already signed an executive order in 2019 that allowed other states to legally transport hemp through Idaho. 

Source Web 2021:

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Telemedicine Services in Idaho

Telemedicine or Telehealth services in Idaho are defined as the provision of health care services by a qualified provider to another person via information technology and electronic communication. In 2015, the Idaho Senate approved House Bill 189, which established the Idaho Telehealth Access Act.

This act allows Telehealth services to be provided as long as the healthcare provider has a written record of the patient’s clinical history and the present symptoms to establish a diagnosis and properly identify underlying conditions for the recommended treatment. However, the law has not been amended to permit telemedicine services for controlled substances like marijuana.

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Connect to Licensed Marijuana Doctors

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Idaho Qualification

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Idaho Medical Marijuana Card

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