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Marijuana Dispensaries in Maine

Since 1999, Maine has allowed medical marijuana to be prescribed to and possessed by patients with qualifying conditions. While federal laws created some challenges for patients and Maine dispensaries alike, 2009 marked the beginning of legislation which made it easier for compliant patients and caregivers to engage in the use of medical cannabis.

Patients can now easily receive their prescribed medicine from any legally sanctioned provider. Maine marijuana dispensaries require that you first get a recommendation from your primary care physician before you can get a formal prescription for medical marijuana filled.

What Conditions Qualify for Medical Cannabis?

Current qualifying conditions include:

How We Help Patients & Dispensaries is the only nationwide network of certified doctors and dispensaries who are equipped with the necessary legal credentials and knowledge concerning all things cannabis. As marijuana in the medical community is mostly unchartered territory, we help both patients and physicians gain much-needed knowledge of marijuana and how it helps the human body.

We also help patients with qualifying conditions:

  • Find a qualified medical marijuana doctor
  • Obtain a state-registered medical marijuana card
  • Find a local Maine medical marijuana dispensary where they can get the best strains of cannabis at the best prices

In Maine, medical marijuana was legalized in 1999. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that possession of the herb was decriminalized. This means adults who want to enter the state’s medical cannabis program can easily do so by utilizing our platform for clear direction on what needs to be done to get the medicine they need.

What Are the Benefits of Using

  • Evaluation Services: We help patients connect with a licensed physician who can perform preliminary tests to determine whether the use of marijuana is suitable for you. Our strictly vetted doctors also look out for signs that your body won’t react well to the marijuana.
  • Telemedicine Services: We are fully aware that you might not be able to come to the clinic as much due to your busy schedule. Card-carrying patients who’ve already met with their physician in-person can easily access the Telehealth portal to receive help through an audio-video session.
  • Relevant Information: As more marijuana-related research is performed and new developments arise, MD will keep you on the cutting-edge of the most current information and legislation.

Who Can We Help?

At, we can help any adult who’s at least 18 years of age and needs to become a state-recognized medical marijuana patient. This applies to any adult who wants to register for a medical marijuana card in Maine or any other legalized state. If your state hasn’t legalized the use of medical marijuana and is on its way there, we can also help you get the necessary documentation.

We also assist physicians interested in providing the necessary medical marijuana evaluations for their patients so they can get connected with local Maine dispensaries and get the medicine they need. These physicians are not restricted to one practice. Neurologists, pain specialists, oncologists, gastroenterologists and more are all welcome to join our network.

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