How to Create Your Own Strain


There are myriad reasons why people decide to create their own strains of cannabis. A cannabis strain is a specific variety of cannabis sativa plant that consistently reproduces the same characteristic traits, like aromas, flavors, and medicinal effects. Some people breed new cannabis plan ... Read More

Can Cannabis Strains Be Patented?


Cannabis “strains” are distinct genetic varieties of the cannabis sativa plant that are bred for certain desirable characteristics such as aroma, terpene profile, potency, or flavor. Although it seems strange to patent a breathing, developing live organism, plants have been granted pat ... Read More

Exploring the Potential of Psychedelics for Autism 


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a very serious developmental issue that affects and impairs someone's ability to communicate and interact. Fortunately, researchers have identified that there might be a positive relationship between psychedelics and autism.  In order to fully understand thi ... Read More

Is Cannabis Legal In Texas?


Texas was one of the first US states to pass legislation criminalizing cannabis, and the state has maintained strict anti-cannabis policies through the present day. Texas is currently one of only 12 remaining US states where even medical cannabis products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (T ... Read More

Exploring Nootropic Psychedelics for Cognitive Health


Nootropics are a diverse class of substances known to improve thinking, learning, and memory. Their ability to improve cognitive function is why nootropics are often referred to as “smart drugs."  It should be noted that “nootropics” is an incredibly broad term. It includes every ... Read More

How To Make Mushroom Chocolate at Home


What better way to transform the not-so-tasty magic mushroom into a sweet chocolatey delight than by making mushroom chocolate?  If you’ve ever eaten shrooms, then you can attest that they have a rather unpleasant flavor and texture. Of course, this doesn’t in any way affect their ... Read More

Why Don’t Some People Get High The First Time They Smoke?


Are you aware that not everyone gets high the first time they try smoking cannabis and its product? Or perhaps you're one of those people yourself. Some individuals feel little to nothing the first time they have a drag of marijuana, and it's not that unusual.  Different people have di ... Read More

The Best Strain Pairings for Your Favorite Foods


The rise of legalized marijuana has opened us to the multi-faceted canna world. Aside from its recreational and medicinal use, different strains of cannabis have proven to come in handy in elevating the flavors of regular meals. From their fruity and citrusy aroma to their earthy, woody ... Read More

Blue Honey: What Is It and How To Make It


If you have taken magic mushrooms before, then you can attest to their not-so-pleasant raw taste. However, did you know that there are ways to make your shroom experience more enjoyable? For example, you can brew them like tea to drink, cook them with other foods, or grind them to swallow ... Read More

How To Measure Cannabis Without A Scale


Sometimes, you may find yourself in situations where you want to get an idea of the weight of a certain amount of cannabis flower that you have, but you may not have a scale at hand. Perhaps you want to limit your smoking to a certain amount, to smoke with some friends without overwhelming ... Read More

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