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Medical Marijuana and Transplant Patients


Certain conditions can result in the need for the patient to receive an organ transplant. When you need a transplant, you have to consider your eligibility, existing health issues, and recovery. Since some doctors consider medical marijuana a controversial topic, how does your patient stat ... Read More

The Munchies According to Science: Cannabis and Your Appetite


There’s only one state of mind that justifies the urge to tear through an entire bag of potato chips, a microwaved plate of freezer-burned taquitos, and even that four-month-old box of chocolate that Grandma sent you over the holidays: being baked. This overwhelming urge to eat salty, sw ... Read More

Terpenes and Anxiety


The cannabis plant contains hundreds of compounds that work together to create its medicinal properties. You may know about cannabinoids, the main components studied in marijuana. But, what about terpenes? These compounds also have a role to play in the healing powers of marijuana. Some te ... Read More

CBD for Menstrual Cramps


Menstrual pain, also known as dysmenorrhea, can range from uncomfortable to debilitating. You can use birth control, painkillers or natural remedies to relieve those monthly cramps. But, did you know you can also use the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD)? Marijuana medicine with CBD can allevi ... Read More

Cannabis Edibles to Help You Lose Weight


When you think of marijuana edibles, what comes to mind first? If you thought of brownies or candy, you have good reason to — many of the edibles at dispensaries come in the form of sweet treats. For the patients who use them, these edibles' benefits outweigh the risks posed by high leve ... Read More

A Look at Drug Testing in The Workplace


The stigma around marijuana use, both medical and recreational, is slowly dwindling as states throughout the country work towards marijuana legalization. 33 states have officially declared medical marijuana use legal and 10 states have legalized recreational use of the drug. However, a que ... Read More

Marijuana and Heart Health


Marijuana medicine has a variety of benefits for symptoms such as chronic pain, inflammation, and seizures. With heart disease a prevalent concern in the United States, you may wonder — can it also relieve cardiovascular symptoms? Does Marijuana Harm Heart Health? Most of the research ... Read More

Is Medical Marijuana Cheaper Than RX Drugs?


Many patients who use medical marijuana take it as an alternative to prescription drugs. If you want to take cannabis medicine, you have to factor in prices, especially compared to prescription drug costs. You may already know how much drug producers charge in the United States and want to ... Read More

From Propaganda to Promotion: The Evolution of Cannabis Campaigns


“The Devils Lettuce.” In 2019, it’s hard not to chuckle at this alternate and wildly dramatic name for marijuana, but in a pearls and penny loafer wearing era where the wholesome family watched Leave it to Beaver, anti-cannabis propaganda was widely accepted. During the 1920’s a ... Read More

Why Medical Marijuana Is a Better Option Than Recreational Marijuana


In many states across the country, patients suffering from debilitating conditions can apply for a medical marijuana card. In some states, residents can purchase marijuana with or without a medical marijuana card. Recreational and medical marijuana is now legal in ten U.S. states. Those ar ... Read More

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