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Is Medical Marijuana Allowed in Drug-Free Zones?


You may have enrolled as a medical marijuana patient with your state, but that doesn’t always mean you can freely access your cannabis medications in public. While medical cannabis plays a vital role in helping patients control their unwanted symptoms and side effects, specific laws inhi Read More

Marijuana vs. Viagra — Which Boosts Libido With More Success?


There’s a new Viagra on the market — and it goes by the name marijuana. While the libido-inducing pharmaceutical Viagra is widely-touted as the number one way to help treat erectile dysfunction and sexual health disorders, cannabis is emerging as a more natural alternative solution. Read More

Marijuana vs. Caffeine for Energy


If you’re reading this article before noon, chances are you have a cup of steaming coffee nuzzled in your hand. You may even be sitting in your favorite coffee shop as we speak, enjoying an energizing sip of caffeine brewed in your favorite flavor. It's not uncommon for Americans to e Read More

The Complete Veterans’ Guide to Medical Marijuana


United States veterans serve our country with pride and bravery, constantly putting themselves in dangerous and traumatic situations. When many of these men and women return back home, they face the harsh reality of the wounds they received overseas, some physical and some mental. Many vet Read More

Cannabis-Induced Anxiety Attacks


Anxiety is a well-known side effect of marijuana medicine. Some detractors even mention it to try to delegitimize cannabis' overall safety and medical benefits. Cannabis can cause anxiety and panic attacks, but it works just like any medication's side effect. When you take your medicine th Read More

Marijuana’s Impact on the Immune System


Cannabis medicine works naturally with our bodies to benefit our health. It interacts with our cells to tell our systems to function in certain ways, including the immune system. Medicinal marijuana's impact on our immune responses is the key to many of its symptom-relieving properties. Th Read More

Cannabis Effects on Men vs. Women


Patients and doctors agree — marijuana is an incredible therapeutic substance. From pain relief to muscle spasm treatment, cannabis and its chemical compounds are potent tools in medicine. However, there's still plenty to be learned about this plant and its effects on humans. While much Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana and Health Insurance


Medical marijuana is steadily gaining ground as a valuable treatment option for hundreds of different health conditions. Medical marijuana has treatment applications for medical issues affecting nearly every part of the body. It has been shown to control symptoms for patients with inflamma Read More

Medical Marijuana Caregivers


Most states in the United States, including the District of Columbia, have made the use of medical marijuana legal in all its varied forms. Additional states are currently pondering potential bills to follow the lead of these states and the District of Columbia. With the use of medical mar Read More

Medical Marijuana vs. Sativex


If you've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), you may have heard of Sativex, and you probably have questions about this drug. You may also wonder how it differs from other cannabis medications. In this guide, we'll explore the pros and cons of Sativex, how it compares to non-pharm Read More

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