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How Seniors and the Elderly Can Benefit From Medical Marijuana


We’re well past the era of “reefer madness,” but folks still have plenty of misconceptions about cannabis. As an elderly patient, you may wonder about the developments in medicinal cannabis over the years. You might even consider trying it out. It turns out that not only can seniors Read More

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace


The United States is in the middle of a marijuana revolution. But because these changes are still happening, not all laws and attitudes have shifted, creating a confusing gray area. So, how do we handle medical marijuana in our everyday lives? Many folks consider work as a major part of Read More

How Do I Fill My New York Medical Marijuana Recommendation?


New York patients new to medical marijuana might be surprised to find it operates on a different system from traditional medicine. To fill a New York marijuana recommendation, you must go through a different process than you would to fill a typical prescription. No worries — there are on Read More

Florida Medical Marijuana Course for Doctors


Do you want to offer your patients a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals? Florida doctors must go through the proper training before they can write a medical marijuana recommendation. To get a license to recommend cannabis medicine, you must follow the steps required by the state. Who Read More

Keep Your California Medical Marijuana Card


California patients no longer have to carry a medical cannabis card to buy marijuana. In November 2016, California residents voted to legalize recreational marijuana sales in their state. A total of 56 percent of voters said “yes” to Proposition 64, changing the shape of cannabis laws Read More

What to Do If You Get Too High


Medical marijuana is a fantastic solution for treating a whole range of ailments. From anxiety disorders and depression to muscle spasms, chronic pain, insomnia and nausea, many medical conditions respond well to cannabis treatment. However, various strains of the herb are a mild or modera Read More

Marijuana and Reduced Alcohol Use


Evidence from a November 2017 study suggests legalizing marijuana could reduce a state’s alcohol sales. Like opioid addiction, alcohol addiction is an issue we don’t talk about as much as we should. Decreased alcohol use could improve the health of Americans all over the country, and l Read More

Marijuana and Reduced Opioid Deaths


The opioid crisis is one of the biggest public health problems in the United States. Not only can prescription painkillers cause addiction and overdose, but they can also serve as a gateway drug to even riskier substances like heroin. Health officials search for a solution to this epidemic Read More

2018 Cannabis Conferences


The last decade has seen a wave of changes in the world of medical marijuana. More governmental bodies are recognizing the benefits of medical cannabis and legalizing its use. Plus, research and technology in the cannabis industry constantly evolve, helping more patients every day. So, Read More

Can I Use Medical Marijuana With Opiates or Narcotics?


If you have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, chances are your doctor has prescribed medication to help you deal with the symptoms. Drug interaction in these circumstances is no joke. You need to be aware of the specifics of your prescription, and if there are any adverse in Read More

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