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Why Does Cannabis Make You Sleepy?


Medical marijuana has the potential to relieve a wide range of symptoms and conditions. But, like any other kind of medicine, it has side effects that impact some people more than others. Certain patients feel sleepy after they take their cannabis medicine. This drowsiness doesn't cause an Read More

Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress as a Medical Marijuana Patient


For many folks, the holidays have plenty of food, fun and family in store — but the season also comes with some stress. While we have plenty to love about the holidays, they can also make us anxious, sad, lonely or angry. At, we want to help you in all aspects of wel Read More

Why Do You Get Cottonmouth When You Use Cannabis?


Medical marijuana can cause side effects like dry mouth. When you weigh this symptom against pharmaceutical side effects like liver damage or depression, you probably prefer the cottonmouth feeling. That doesn't mean you don't feel discomfort when you have it, though. Plus, if you don't pr Read More

Marijuana Lube


We already know that you can use marijuana to enhance your sex life if you take the right precautions. The miracle drug also relieves the symptoms of conditions like endometriosis, erectile dysfunction and PMS. To make sex and sexual health better for everyone, companies in the cannabis in Read More

CBD For Pregnant Women


Whether you already have children or will become a new parent, we welcome you to an exciting time in your life. However, to get the most out of your pregnancy, you need to manage the symptoms associated with it. The physical and mental stress of pregnancy can result in mood issues, physica Read More

Medical Marijuana vs. Epidiolex for Seizures


This summer, the FDA approved Epidiolex, the very first FDA-approved drug created from a marijuana derivative. They authorized its use for two severe types of epilepsy after witnessing its effectiveness in clinical trials. What makes Epidiolex different from medical marijuana treatments? D Read More

Cannabis Massages


Few things are as luxurious as a long-needed massage. From sore athletes to stressed parents, all of us can benefit from the relaxing, pain-relieving and stress-reducing effects of a good massage. Massage therapy and cannabis are a perfect match. Like a massage, medical cannabis has bee Read More

The Impact of Marijuana on REM Sleep


Have you ever had marijuana and fallen straight to sleep? It’s an experience we’ve probably all had, but what does it mean? Is marijuana a good sleep aid? The answer to this questions is more complicated than you might think. What is REM Sleep? REM sleep is the deep kind of sleep whe Read More

Can Cannabis Increase Your Metabolism?


We all envy that one friend who eats more than us but never has to worry about gaining weight. Metabolism is a deciding factor that when befriended could give you your dream figure. We all begin to work our way through finding ways to improve our metabolism to get back in shape. Choosing t Read More

Antioxidant Benefits of Marijuana


In today's health-conscious world, we throw around a lot of buzzwords that indicate something is good for us. Antioxidant is one such term. Even if you are pretty sure they have positive benefits for your overall health, most people aren't sure what antioxidants actually do. We're told to Read More

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