Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana for Relapse


A chemical in marijuana known as cannabidiol (CBD) could help minimize the risk relapse for people who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. CBD is the non-psychoactive element found in the medical marijuana plant — it's also one of the plant's two most prominent cannabinoids. A pr Read More

Cannabis Pharmacogenetics: What to Know and How to Use It to Make Marijuana Work for You


We're all unique. Or, at least, our genes sure are. Science in the 21st century has shed revolutionary light on why we think and act the way we do. From sleep cycles to sociability to how long we wait to file our taxes, we now know what makes us "us" is a complex dance of environment, Read More

Benefits of Adding Cannabis to Your Workout Regiment


For decades, a stigma has surrounded marijuana use, even for medicinal purposes. Growing research efforts, however, emphasize that cannabis provides an array of benefits to recreational users and patients. In fact, many scientists are discovering that adding marijuana to your workout regim Read More

Marijuana Yoga


As two incredibly relaxing things, marijuana and yoga just go together. Both have been proven to have substantial health benefits, so combining them is a way to bring out the best of each. But, aside from using marijuana medically or recreationally and doing yoga at home, there is Read More

Cannabis Spas


Because marijuana medicine is so relaxing, recreational users and medical patients alike can agree that nothing would be better than a little pampering session with it. Enter cannabis spas, which can deliver exactly that to patients and recreational users. These spas aren't full-fledge Read More

Do I Have to Keep the Same Marijuana Doctor, or Can I Switch?


When medical marijuana became legal in your state, you probably jumped at the ability to purchase an all-natural medicine that would treat the symptoms of your chronic illness. Unfortunately, that may mean you chose a doctor quickly without doing your research or getting to know them first Read More

Medical Marijuana vs. Marinol


When struggling with a medical condition and its unwanted, adverse side effects, you may be wondering which is better — Marinol vs. marijuana. To help you make your decision, we've provided you with a detailed guideline to address any questions you have regarding Marinol and natural can Read More

How to Get Your Doctor to Change Your Marijuana “Prescription”


Medical marijuana treatments are revolutionizing the lives of patients around the world. People with treatment-resistant conditions are living fuller lives, and those suffering from debilitating disorders are pairing cannabis with more conventional medications to get additional relief. If Read More

FDA to Approve Cannabis-Based Seizure Medicine


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has only a few months left to give the green light to a cannabis-based seizure medicine that epileptic patients across the country will be able to access. If approved, these patients will be able to pick up the medication from their pharmacy, just like Read More

A Look at The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)


The ECS (endocannabinoid system) has been known for almost 30 years. It was characterized in the late 1980s. The mechanisms of action are explained very well in a December 8, 2004 article in Scientific America by Dr. Alger and Nichol. In that article they discuss the endocannabinoid system Read More

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