Recreational Marijuana

Weed Measurements Guide: Gram, Eighth, Quarter


Weed measurement terms can be very confusing. They start in low quantities using the metric system ("grams") but jump to the imperial system as weight increases ("ounces"). Confusing, right? Not to mention, factors like strain, product size, and density can make it difficult to conceptu Read More

How To Reset Your Cannabis Tolerance


Responsible cannabis consumption brings many joys and health benefits. It's renowned for its ability to enhance relaxation, mood, and even creativity. But, like with many good things, there's always a catch. Regular use can lead to tolerance, which means you might need more to get the same Read More

Cannabis and Perception: How Does It Create Kaleidoscope Effects?


In the realm of altered consciousness, cannabis takes center stage by transforming ordinary sensations or emotions into extraordinary ones. Have you ever wondered how cannabis alters one's perception? If so, this article explores and unravels the science behind the kaleidoscope effects as Read More

Ohio Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis: What to Know About Their New Rec Program


Ohioians have shown their support for the cannabis culture after voting to approve the recreational use of cannabis in November. This development comes six months after Minnesota legalized the adult use of marijuana, making Ohio the 24th U.S. state to pass the same law. Despite opposition Read More

What is Live Resin? Everything You Need to Know


When we talk about live resin, we’re not talking about that tar-like black resin that clogs the inside of your pipe stems. Instead, we’re talking about one of the most potent — and luxurious — types of cannabis concentrates on the market. There’s a reason why so many cannab Read More

Fight for Adult-Use in Ohio Escalates 


Marijuana Moment reported that on Monday, December 20, 2021, marijuana activists from the state of Ohio submitted more signatures. The petitions totaled 206,943 endorsements from voters to the Ohio Secretary of State. Much more than was required to get lawmakers to move the dial to legaliz Read More

Uber Eats Cannabis In-App Ordering Now Available


Spoiler alert! It’s only available in Canada. Sorry to be a downer.  Back in April 2021, Uber Eats teased that dispensary delivery was coming.  Or at least, they hinted they were working on it.  But didn’t really provide a timeline to implement.  However, before you get too exci Read More

Oregon Where ‘Anything Goes’ Has Grow Woes


When you think of states that are progressive about alternative medicines, does Oregon come to mind? States like Colorado and California steal the spotlight when it comes to legalization and decriminalization.   But Oregon started down the path to decriminalize cannabis earlier. Read More

Scary Marijuana Moments in Movies


If you are someone who loves scary movies, then you already know some of the fundamental rules. If you are a character in a horror flick, and you want to survive, there are a few things you should never do. And all of those rules are broken in scary marijuana movies. Swimming alon Read More

Marijuana News Round-Up September 24, 2021


This week in your marijuana news weekly round-up from, employers are complaining that good help is hard to find. Has the American adult-use and medical cannabis sector provided better-paying jobs and opportunities for hourly employees?  New Jersey continues t Read More

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