Medical Marijuana

What is the Average Cost of a Marijuana Examination?


In most states with a medical marijuana program, you must undergo a doctor’s examination. The doctor will verify you have a medical condition that your state considers eligible for the program. Even if your state already allows recreational marijuana use, the patient may be under 21 or w Read More

All About Marijuana Kiosks


Most of us have used an electronic kiosk or vending machine to order food, withdraw money and check out our own groceries. But, what if we could use them to get our marijuana medicine, too? Marijuana entrepreneurs are making that idea a reality by bringing electronic kiosks to marijuana d Read More

What Is Hash?


When learning about the different types of marijuana products, you may have come across hashish, also known as hash. Hash is just another name for bud or flower, right? Not exactly — hash is its own unique product you use a bit differently than bud. We don’t talk about hash as much as Read More

The Connecticut Hospice and Medical Marijuana


The United States has a severe opioid problem and many of the addictions begin in medical care. When a patient experiences severe pain, a doctor will sometimes prescribe opioids to relieve their symptoms. This can act as a slippery slope — one in three painkiller patients become dependen Read More

Breathalyzers for Detecting Marijuana


You’ve seen it on the cop shows. Someone’s driving under the influence, so the officer pulls out a breathalyzer and finds the driver has alcohol in their system. Alcohol can seriously impair your ability to drive, not to mention driving drunk is illegal. But, what about marijuana? Whi Read More

Can You Donate Blood While Taking Medical Marijuana?


Donating blood is a volunteer activity that many people take very seriously. Donated blood is used for many medical procedures, especially emergencies. The blood you donate could save a life, as the American Red Cross reminds us periodically when blood supplies are low. If you’ve ever d Read More

Medical Marijuana and Work Drug Tests


Although people in the U.S. are welcoming the new medical marijuana laws, there is still uncertainty among employers and employees alike on how to handle using it legally in the workplace. As an employee using medical cannabis or considering getting a recommendation for it, you may have qu Read More

Marijuana Aromatherapy


The aroma, and flavor, in most foods is a result of the naturally occurring oils in the food. Coffee has a strong aroma, while the smell of a fresh avocado is particularly faint. The cannabis plant also contains oils that produce a distinct smell. There are more than 200 terpenes, or essen Read More

Synthetic Cannabinoids


Cannabinoids give cannabis its power to relieve pain, end nausea and reduce the length and frequency of seizures. One product alone couldn’t have all the healing effects of medical marijuana, but there are many cannabinoids in a cannabis plant. The isolation of any one of these powerful Read More

Synthetic Marijuana


Everyone’s always looking for a better way to do things, and producing medicine is no exception. When scientists began to explore the true medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant, some cultivators honed their breeding process to make marijuana that contained more uniform ingredients and Read More

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