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Cannabis Beer


Food products are infused with cannabis to combine medicinal properties with a comfortable delivery system. From a medical perspective, food and beverages infused with medical marijuana represent another option for treating patients suffering from debilitating conditions. Cannabis conce ... Read More

Marijuana Pizza


There are several ways to consume medicinal marijuana. Each method has its pros and cons, so you should make sure to find the form of marijuana that works best for your situation. If you use edibles, you may notice that most of the products available are sweets. Marijuana pizza is one way ... Read More

How Long Does THC Stay in Your System?


Cannabis is a complex plant made even more intricate by its many different strains. There are three basic types of cannabis plants — indica, sativa and hybrids. Each kind of cannabis contains a different combination and balance of active compounds called cannabinoids. There are at least ... Read More

Marijuana and Munchies


Among recreational marijuana users, getting “the munchies” is a common occurence. They’ll describe the urge to eat junk food and how it tastes even better than usual. Eating at the end of a marijuana binge seems to complete the experience and top off the euphoria. Medical marijuan ... Read More

Avoid These Activities While Using Medical Marijuana


One of the struggles the states have with legalizing marijuana for medical purposes is regulating its use to protect public safety. The reason the FDA classified marijuana as a Schedule I drug is because there was evidence that marijuana posed a serious risk to public health. Scientific re ... Read More

Medical Marijuana for Amputees


Though modern medical techniques have improved amputee surgery survival rates, it’s still a last-resort treatment for several different conditions. The number of amputees has increased because of combat and other situations, including advancing cancers and trauma due to accidents. Amp ... Read More

Marijuana Infused Coffee


Cannabis and coffee might be the ultimate “wake and bake” combination, but for some it can be hard to picture combining a substance that wakes you up with one that lulls you to sleep. You might expect them to cancel each other out, and in a way, they do. Coffee drinkers consider the ... Read More

Marijuana and Blood Pressure


Approximately one in every three American adults has high blood pressure — that’s roughly 75 million people. High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease and strokes. The leading cause of disability in this country, strokes affect about 795,000 Americans each year. Medical ... Read More

Why Doctors & Practices Should Recommend Medical Marijuana


Medical marijuana is often controversial and heavily debated, so it’s natural to wonder, “Should I recommend medical marijuana?” As a medical professional, it’s important to have the full picture of a particular treatment option. Explore the benefits of recommending medical marijua ... Read More

A Proposed Bill Could Legalize Medical Marijuana in Kentucky


The Kentucky state legislature is considering a medical marijuana program that could start in 2018. Legislators in favor of the measure cite other states’ progress on medical marijuana as evidence that it could be a good move. With 29 other states already authorizing marijuana for medica ... Read More

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