Weed Like to Bust These 7 Myths About Chronic Pain 


The medical community only recently recognized fibromyalgia as a legitimate chronic pain symptom.  Imagine being a patient with severe and debilitating chronic pain and being told it is “just in your head.”   Finding proof of chronic pain can be difficult.  In f ... Read More

Cannabinoids, Cold and Flu, Bone Broth and Brews


If you have read that cannabis can cure the common cold, spoiler alert; it can’t. In fact, some of the world’s best researchers and scientists still can’t figure out how to get rid of the common cold. Or create a vaccine for it. And no one has proven that cannabis can cure a cold. ... Read More

Op-Ed: The Enemy of My Enemy: The DEA and Big Pharma Get Friendly


The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has asked for more psilocybin and cannabis to be provided for research.  Not a little bit more; a ton more. According to Marijuana Moment, an increase of 6,300%.  As soon as possible. Now, you might be wondering why the DEA is ca ... Read More

Illinois Programs See $31 M Funding from Cannabis Taxes


If you have ever wondered where all the tax revenues from cannabis sales go, this will give you some idea.  Because states that have legalized medical cannabis create a new revenue stream that infuses tax dollars into pandemic beleaguered budgets. And some jurisdictions have earmarke ... Read More

Time Up for D.C. Shops That Gift Pot


If you have ever traveled to the District of Columbia as an adult (we’re not talking about your high school field trip), you know that the state likes to do things a little differently. And when it comes to cannabis laws in D.C., they are quite different. Conflicting, in fact, and more ... Read More

States Where Governors Vetoed Marijuana Laws 


In some states, the majority of voters support cannabis legalization. Whether lawmakers personally advocate for cannabis or not, eventually, the process of appeals works. Voters determined to have legalized medical marijuana realize their goal, even if it takes a few years.  No one expec ... Read More

Marijuana News Round-Up October 29, 2021


This week, one of the big headlines in marijuana news is the big fight brewing in Texas over Delta-8. Many residents may not be aware that there is a new ban on Delta-8. And possession of Delta-8 products could land you some serious charges and prison time.  Social equity programs exi ... Read More

Battle to Decriminalize Delta-8 Starts in Texas 


Texas caps medical cannabis at 1% THC. But patients who found that cap was insufficient to manage chronic symptoms had an ace up their sleeve. Delta-8 THC products, including vapes, gummies, and moonrocks (flower), were available at smoke shops across the state of Texas.  Patients ... Read More

What Does Social Equity Have to Do with Cannabis?


When it comes to 420 culture, there is only one color; green. There is a shared appreciation for the medicinal and mental health benefits. An herbal kind of Namaste experienced by most people that use cannabis.  Digging down into the history of cannabis prohibition, you learn a lo ... Read More

What Are the Top 9 States Doing with Cannabis Tax Money?


As new medical marijuana programs launched in 2020, the pandemic impacted state budgets. The first global pandemic since 1918 became a steep learning curve for states. Especially those that had newly formed medical cannabis laws and program administrators. There were many lessons learned ... Read More

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