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Where to find Marijuana Related Jobs?


Recently we posted a picture of a group of retirees trimming some premium marijuana buds and found one common question by our users, “Where do you find marijuana related jobs”? This question is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that cannabis is being legalize ... Read More

Buying Stock in Marijuana Companies


people who are interested in investing into cannabis related businesses. For the most part, cannabis businesses are still being traded as Penny Stock and are quite volatile due to legal constraints, laws changing and so on. Whenever there is a victory in cannabis legislation, you’ll noti ... Read More

What are CBD Rich Strains Good For?


Cannabis provides a plethora of benefits to the body. Some compounds within the plant will not get you high but still hold great medical value to the user. In fact, some medical patients seek out CBD rich strains for their specific medical conditions. What is CBD anyway? CBD or Cannabidi ... Read More

Why Recreational Cannabis will not Ruin Medical Marijuana


Many medical marijuana patients and dispensaries talk about their “fear of recreational marijuana’. Understandably, a medical marijuana patient who depends on cannabis in order to stay healthy should be concerned if his or her “source of medicine” is in jeopardy. I’m here to let ... Read More

What Marijuana Strains are Best for Energy and Motivation?


Some people associate cannabis smokers with being lazy, unmotivated and yellowed fingers from scarfing down Cheetos. Little do these people know that cannabis has the ability to supercharge your day, focus your motivation and allow you to get things done. Today, we’ll be exploring the to ... Read More

Why Hasn’t Marijuana Been Legalized Yet?


The current scheduling of cannabis states that it “holds no medical value” and has a “high potential for abuse” however not only are these statements inaccurate, it’s unscientific. However, despite the evidence, the testimonies by doctors and patients alike, the substance remains ... Read More

Cinco de Mayo Marijuana Delicacies


In honor of the up-and-coming Cinco de Mayo holiday, we’ve come up with two tantalizing cannabis-infused recipes for your fiesta festivities! Utilizing Cannabutter and THC oil, our foolproof recipes for ganja guacamole and toking tacos will make the perfect dishes for your Cinco de Mayo ... Read More

Cannabis History and Religious Contexts


Far predating the establishment of the United States of America, or Christianity at all – cannabis use has been deeply embedded in spiritual and religious historical texts around the globe. Religious history of marijuana used for medical purposes. Unanimously, marijuana has deep historic ... Read More

Medical Marijuana Subsidized For Low-Income Patients


Earlier this year, the District of Columbia included an important provision in their law allowing state residents to legally gain safe access to medical marijuana. The unique provision, not enacted in other states medical marijuana programs is a substantial discount to poor residents who q ... Read More

Genetically Modified Marijuana


With the widespread recognition of medical marijuana, big time agribusinesses are gaining the opportunity to hone in on the major cash crop. With millions to be made in the cannabis industry, giant agricultural biotechnology company, Monsanto, has announced plans to introduce newly develop ... Read More

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