Reform For Medical Marijuana Is Slow In Texas


Texas is one of the prosperous states hard-hit by Covid-19. Having one of the highest outbreak levels, Texas has felt the impact economically. Most businesses came to a standstill. The lawmakers are discussing a reform solution to bridge the budget gap and create economic relief in the fa ... Read More

Contractor to Provide Data on CBD To FDA


The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is developing regulations for wellness products with non-intoxicating cannabinoids. The agency also wants to award a contract to help study CBD in detail. With a better understanding of CBD, the FDA will come up with reasonable regulations.  T ... Read More

Maine Recreational Sales Will Begin October 2020


On October 9 this year, all adults aged 21 and above will be able to buy marijuana legally. Marijuana businesses in Maine will begin recreational sales then, according to the state’s cannabis regulatory body announcement. Maine MMJ Sales Will Begin October 2020 This significant anno ... Read More

Arizona Superior Court Rules Marijuana On Ballot


In a 15-page ruling, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled on a measure that would change Arizona Marijuana Laws.  The measure was about legalizing recreational marijuana in Arizona and keeping it on the November 2020 ballot. According to Superior Court Judge James Smith, the ... Read More

Illinois to Issue 75 New Dispensary Licenses


After facing a problem with increased demand, and not enough whole flower for medical marijuana patients in the state, Illinois has made a move to solve the problem.  The state finally cleared a major legal and administrative hurdle that had stopped 75 marijuana dispensaries&nbs ... Read More

New Mexico Gov. Grisham Seeks Re-Election


In an email to constituents, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) discussed how she established a working group for the New Mexico cannabis reform movement. She strongly urged the legislature to enact legalization. But, the lawmakers were unable to reach an agreement by the end of the sess ... Read More

Texas Temporary Dispensaries Serve Low-THC


The Houston Chronicle reported a story about a Texas resident who relies on medical marijuana to help her cope with her chronic disease and disability. It helps demonstrate what life is like for patients with debilitating health conditions.  Julie Archer is a 49- year old patient ... Read More

Tax System Changes for Marijuana in MT Proposed


Montana voters are going to make their decision this November. Two ballot measures seek to legalize, tax and regulate the personal use, commercial use, and retail sale of marijuana to over 21 adults. This happened after the successful collection of signatures, followed by an announcement ... Read More

June MMJ Sales Set New Record In Colorado


June was an excellent month for marijuana product sales in Colorado. In Colorado history, there has never been a month where marijuana product sales surpassed $150  million. This has happened during the COVID-19 pandemic period, and demand for both medical and recreational cannabis d ... Read More

Three Trials of CBD-Enhanced Coronavirus Treatments Begin in Israel


Worldwide, COVID-19 research is being expedited to meet the widespread need for viable treatments. Recent media attention has centered on the antiviral known as remdesivir, but at least three cannabis-based treatments are also under investigation. While it’s important to remember that n ... Read More

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