Maine to Legalize Recreational Marijuana By Year-End


In 1913, Marijuana was illegal in Maine, but in 1976, the possession of small amounts became decriminalized. Recently, the recreational use of Marijuana became decriminalized in a broader scope.  This happened first in Maine's metropolitan cities, Portland, in 2013, and South Portland in ... Read More

Florida takes MMJ Case to Supreme Court


The case Florida Dept. of Health versus Florigrown LLC, and others, has made the news.  The case stated how the Florida Medical Marijuana statutory licensing procedures may be unconstitutional. The Florigrown case was first filed in Leon County Circuit Court. The outcome of ... Read More

Curaleaf Grows Again With Grassroots M&A


More states are embracing the use of cannabis and for that reason, significant marijuana mergers and acquisitions are happening. Big Cannabis companies are expanding across states, and in some cases, strategically acquiring grow-operations and retail dispensary chains. Some of these co ... Read More

Patient Centric Granted Medical License In MA


What do you think of when you visualize Martha’s Vineyard? Wineries, mansions, celebrities, and beautiful beaches. But probably not medical marijuana.  That’s changed as the Cannabis Control Commission has approved Patient Centric with a new business license.  The Martha ... Read More

Recreational Vote Inspires Infrastructure Plans In NJ


New Jersey residents are anticipating the victory of recreational legalization. The voting is in November 2020. To meet the expected future demand, cannabis companies in the state are preparing. They are investing in cultivation build-outs and other infrastructure. This is so they can mee ... Read More

Medical Marijuana Card Reciprocity Laws


How often have you heard of a patient or caregiver who had to travel to another state to get medical care?  Patients with rare disease diagnoses, for instance, may have to see a specialist or institution in another state.  Now consider that a patient depends on medical cannab ... Read More

Arkansas Battle Over New MMJ Business Licenses


The cannabis market in Arkansas is smaller than other states like Florida, or neighboring Oklahoma. The Department of Finance and Administration reported $100 million in cannabis sales from May 201, when the first dispensary opened.  From 2017 to 2019, the Arkansas Department of ... Read More

Autism Not Added to OH Qualifying Condition List


Patients with Autism in the Ohio medical marijuana program received some disappointing news in July. The Ohio Medical Board reviewed petitions for new qualifying health conditions for a year. The medical board special committee approved one new condition; cachexia.  The State Medi ... Read More

Will Cannabis Sales Decline As Jobless Benefits End?


Cannabis sales across the United States have soared over the past few months. It is also because of the government’s benefits to millions of jobless American workers. Since April, the Covid-19 induced recession ensured that the unemployed continued to earn. They earned $600 weekly in ex ... Read More

Cannabis Lifestyle Brand And Rapper Killer Mike


Something exciting happened this July on the 27th. It was the launch of the Run The Jewels products by Cookies. Cookies are a renowned cannabis lifestyle brand that often appears on most relevant weed news platforms.  The exciting project was between Lemonade, a renowned Sativa- focus ... Read More

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