Kief In Your Grinder? Use It (Don’t Lose It)


The tiny, sticky crystals that cover the cannabis flower are called Kief.  They are also known as dry sift or pollen. They are the resin gland, which has terpenes and cannabinoids that make the cannabis plant so unique.  Find a Marijuana Doctor Now For those who love the exp ... Read More

Anxiety and Marijuana : How Can It Help Patients?


A study by the Washington State University explored cannabis impact on stress, anxiety, and depression. Different strains and quantities of cannabis being inhaled at home by patients were examined.  According to a publication in the Journal of Affective Disorders, inhaling ma ... Read More

7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Most people are always reading or listening to content about marijuana. There is a flurry of marijuana podcasts online with a legion of loyal marijuana fans who want to stay on the know.  These podcasts cover major marijuana topics from regulatory considerations, investing, manuf ... Read More

Study Reveals Increased MMJ Use by U.S. Adults 65+


Since the legalization of cannabis in many states for medical and recreational purposes, there has been an increased number of users. One particular group of users is adults of 65 years and older. According to a JAMA study, the number of 65 years plus adults who use marijuana in ... Read More

Virginia Will Launch MMJ Dispensary August 2020


Four dispensaries are set to open this year in Virginia. Virginia joins the other states on cannabis legalization. The laws governing the medical marijuana program are getting more friendly. Since its launch in the four years, it has changed from a CBD-only program limited to patients wit ... Read More

Martha’s Vineyard’s First MMJ Dispensary


The Island's first recreational pot shop received approval from Martha's Vineyard. There was one condition that came with this approval; that patients should arrive by appointment only (no walk-in’s), and the facility must meet all the required traffic and safety protocols.  Com ... Read More

Medical Cannabis Sales in PA Are a Record High


Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Program is becoming very popular, and during the past six months, it has surged tremendously. This is due to the anxiety-producing effects of COVID-19 and some favorable changes in cannabis regulation. Cannabis dispensaries have recorded an increas ... Read More

Can Pro MMJ Candidates Unseat TX Sen. Cornyn?


Two Texas Democratic primary candidates are in the race to unseat anti-marijuana U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) this November. In a heated debate some time back, the two candidates discussed their support for cannabis legalization and the reform of justice policies.  Royce West, ... Read More

Reform For Medical Marijuana Is Slow In Texas


Texas is one of the prosperous states hard-hit by Covid-19. Having one of the highest outbreak levels, Texas has felt the impact economically. Most businesses came to a standstill. The lawmakers are discussing a reform solution to bridge the budget gap and create economic relief in the fa ... Read More

Contractor to Provide Data on CBD To FDA


The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is developing regulations for wellness products with non-intoxicating cannabinoids. The agency also wants to award a contract to help study CBD in detail. With a better understanding of CBD, the FDA will come up with reasonable regulations.  T ... Read More

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