How Do MMJ Parents Handle Cannabis At Home?


Talking about cannabis and any restricted drug with children is essential. Some studies suggest that by the time a child is 14, they have already been approached to try cannabis, alcohol, or another controlled substance. How do MMJ parents handle the quandary? To talk about it, or to hide ... Read More

Amsterdam May Block Cannabis Tourism


The first time you may have heard about Amsterdam as the “capital city of cannabis” may have been in Pulp Fiction.  Who could imagine in 1994 (or even today) that the small Dutch city of just over 1 million people would become so popular? Despite decades as a tourism magnet fo ... Read More

Vermont Expands Laws to Decriminalize Cannabis


Getting the federal government to reschedule cannabis for patient use may be an uphill battle. One that may be years away from being realized because of resistance by federal lawmakers. But many states are moving ahead to expand laws that would decriminalize cannabis for personal use. And ... Read More

6 Marketing Tips for Cannabis Dispensaries


The medical marijuana industry and cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals may reach up to $14 billion (U.S.) in revenues in 2020. Those predictions about the rapid growth of the medical cannabis dispensaries sector were made before the Covid-19 health emergency. Social distancing and other fac ... Read More

5 Common Questions About Medical Cannabis Edibles


Florida recently authorized the sale of edibles for medical marijuana patients. Edibles are in high demand for patients to use for a variety of reasons. They do not require inhalation to dose. Edibles are a simple and straightforward way to consume medical cannabis.  THC-infused e ... Read More

3 Amazing Cannacation Destinations


Think of one great destination to visit, that offers relaxation and 420 friendly policies for guests? Just because you can’t travel internationally right now, doesn’t mean you can’t build your bucket list of cannabis friendly cannacation spots. In the United States, hospital ... Read More

Cannabis Research At An All Time ‘High’


Approximately 20% of people who purchase cannabis in the United States are over 60 years old.  One of the concerns that federal health regulators often cite is the lack of longitudinal studies on the impact of medical cannabis on health. Particularly for seniors. Until the legalizatio ... Read More

420 Dating Websites for Singles


As a registered patient, you have a medical card, and you are successfully using cannabis to help with your chronic health symptoms.  No matter what age you are, if you are single, chances are you are looking to meet someone who shares your interests.  For patients, it is a litt ... Read More

Canadian Study Finds CBD Helps Diabetic Foot Ulcers


Circulatory issues are a problem for everyone in our increasingly sedentary society. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend sitting? If you work in an office, you clock about eight hours per day at a desk. Maybe ten. If you drive to work or take public transit and commute, you c ... Read More

Can Your Dog Get High? Cannabis Safety Tips


If you check the pet forums, there are plenty of threads about people who have a pet who has accidentally ingested cannabis. Usually, it is a story about camping, where the dog swallowed a roach it found on the ground. Or the pet got into some edibles that were left on a table, and next t ... Read More

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