Battle to Decriminalize Delta-8 Starts in Texas 


Texas caps medical cannabis at 1% THC. But patients who found that cap was insufficient to manage chronic symptoms had an ace up their sleeve. Delta-8 THC products, including vapes, gummies, and moonrocks (flower), were available at smoke shops across the state of Texas.  Patients ... Read More

What Does Social Equity Have to Do with Cannabis?


When it comes to 420 culture, there is only one color; green. There is a shared appreciation for the medicinal and mental health benefits. An herbal kind of Namaste experienced by most people that use cannabis.  Digging down into the history of cannabis prohibition, you learn a lo ... Read More

What Are the Top 9 States Doing with Cannabis Tax Money?


As new medical marijuana programs launched in 2020, the pandemic impacted state budgets. The first global pandemic since 1918 became a steep learning curve for states. Especially those that had newly formed medical cannabis laws and program administrators. There were many lessons learned ... Read More

5 Reasons to Keep Talking to Your Doctor After You Get a Medical Card


The first health evaluation a patient has for their medical card can be intimidating. The concept of legalized medical marijuana is new to everyone. But the social stigma about cannabis remains. And patients can feel a little nervous about their first medical card health evaluation. By ... Read More

Olivia Newton-John: Home-Grown Cannabis Helped Stage 4 Symptoms


There was a time when no one would go on record about using cannabis. Let alone a public figure. When even Presidents said they “didn’t inhale,” the only people that unabashedly owned cannabis use were rock stars. Because you know, pop culture dictated it. It doesn't seem a problem ... Read More

Marijuana News Round-Up for October 22, 2021


One of the big headlines in marijuana news this week is why the U.S. Post has dropped the hammer on shipping vape cartridges and rigs. What will that mean for businesses that sell vapes online? Get ready for more expensive shipping costs.  Texas announces the official ban on Delta ... Read More

POSECCA Makes Vapes Illegal to Mail by U.S. Post


Don’t blame your local mailman or woman. Blame POSECCA. The orders came from way higher up, at the federal level. The United States Postal Service announced this week that it will not allow anyone to mail vapes from now on. That includes everyone from consumers sending CBD to family or ... Read More

7 Things You Need to Know About Cannabis Topicals


For most people, the favorite way to consume cannabis is through smokables (raw flower or vape) or edibles, including tinctures. But for patients who suffer from pain symptoms, topicals may also provide effective relief.  Are you already using topical ointments or creams available ... Read More

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Texas Bans Delta-8 


Just when you thought it was safe to use ‘cannabis lite’ products in Texas. Delta-8 was a nice caveat for people who wanted therapeutic cannabis for conditions like chronic pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, and more.  Legal Delta-8 is past tense now. Because ... Read More

Oregon Where ‘Anything Goes’ Has Grow Woes


When you think of states that are progressive about alternative medicines, does Oregon come to mind? States like Colorado and California steal the spotlight when it comes to legalization and decriminalization.   But Oregon started down the path to decriminalize cannabis earli ... Read More

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