Smoking Medical Cannabis With Complementary Herbs

Mary Ekundayo

Posted by Mary Ekundayo on 12/14/2023 in Medical Marijuana

smoking medical cannabis with complementary herbs

Did you know that you can make your smoking experience more exciting and memorable? There are ways to improve flavor, boost your high, and still retain the therapeutic value of medical cannabis.

When herbs like chamomile and lavender are taken with cannabis, they are known to cause enhanced healing and relaxation experiences. In this article, we’ll take a quick but detailed rundown on herbs that mix well with weed. You’ll also discover some best practices to keep in mind if you are new to this whole thing. Let’s get started!

Best Herbs to Smoke With Cannabis

Understanding the vital role that herbs played in providing medication and treatment to the ancient man helps us appreciate their value. In fact, up until today, most medications are gotten from plants and herbs. As we all know, cannabis has a positive effect on health and wellness, So, when we mix marijuana with certain complementary herbs, it’s a no-brainer that it enhances the stimulating effect of cannabinoids in the body.

Check out our top picks of popular herbs you can combine with cannabis for your next smoking session:

  1. Lavender: Lavender provides a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system. It also helps with sleep, while reducing stress and pain.
  2. Rosemary: This is the perfect botanical for medical cannabis patients who want a product that enhances the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cancer-fighting properties of cannabis.
  3. Chamomile: Chamomile has bisabolol, which is also found in the cannabis plant. Bisabolol is a terpene that has antioxidant, analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties.
  4. Echinacea: When used with cannabis, echinacea helps to boost your immune system and aid in nutrient absorption. It also reduces anxiety, fatigue, and migraine.
  5. Mugwort: Mugwort is a bronchodilator. So, if you experience coughing when smoking cannabis, this herb is a perfect option for your weed-herb mix. When you take mugwort with marijuana, you will experience less coughing, watery eyes, stinging nostrils, and other unpleasant effects of smoking. This botanical plant also helps with managing other health issues like fatigue, pain, nausea, and vomiting.
  6. Peppermint: Peppermint is an excellent way to add a minty and refreshing taste to your smoking session. It is believed to have limonene, which is a terpene found in cannabis. As such, it can provide relief from pain, stress, and nausea.  Additionally, it can boost your appetite, energy, respiratory health, and vascular function.
  7. Rose petals: Rose petals blend well with almost any cannabis strain. It boosts the taste and aroma of marijuana while enhancing the medicinal value of weed. It enhances your immune function, pain relief, and digestive system support. You can also try rolling a joint in rose petals for fun. 

Benefits Of Smoking Medical Cannabis With Herbs

Many benefits come with smoking medical cannabis and complementary herbs. Some of these include:

  1. It can reduce the side effects of smoking weed: The smoke from cannabis has the potential to irritate your lungs. When you mix weed with certain herbs like mint, you can reduce the harshness of the smoke.
  2. Greater relaxation and therapeutic effects: Herbs like lavender have naturally soothing, relaxing, and ant-depressive effects. Thus, they can cause a positive boost to the potency and the medicinal effects of cannabis.
  3. Better flavor: Cannabis and herbal smoking blends can improve the flavor profile of some cannabis strains. 

Medicinal Marijuana and Herbs: Best Practices

The benefits of mixing cannabis and herbs cannot be overemphasized. However, there are some measures you should take to ensure you choose the right products and expose yourself to the right experience. These practices include:

  1. Research on how herbs interact with cannabis: We have spoken of the health benefits of herbs. But this doesn’t mean that every plant is compatible with cannabis. As such, ensure to confirm that any herb you want to pair with weed would have no adverse effects when it interacts with cannabis,
  2. Buy high-quality products: Even after selecting the right herb, you need to choose high-quality herbs and marijuana strains for the best smoking experience. Avoid purchasing products with questionable or unverified sources because they could be contaminated.
  3. Store your products properly: Keep your cannabis and herbs fresh and potent by storing them in an air-tight container. A good rule of thumb is to preserve your weed in a stash box and your herbs in a glass container.
  4. Mix the right quantity of herbs and marijuana: The right quantity to mix depends largely on the kind of herbs you want to mix. For strong herbs like lavender or mint, you can go for 30% herbs and 70% cannabis. Feel free to experiment with the amount that works best for you.
  5. Decide how you want to smoke it: You can grind your herb and cannabis and smoke the mix in a pipe or joint. You can also vape them using a herb vaporizer for smoother smoke. Irrespective of your choice, we recommend using a dedicated vaporizer for a specific herb-cannabis pairing to preserve its flavor.

Potential Side Effects of Smoking Herbs

The side effects of smoking herbs with cannabis come from the side effects of smoking generally. Some of these include the pain and discomfort from coughing. If smoke inhalation is not a healthy choice for you, you can consider enjoying cannabis by consuming edibles instead of smoking it.


It’s an exciting idea to throw in a pinch or two of your favorite botanical herbs the next time you smoke cannabis. It has a lot of health benefits in addition to elevating your high. If you want to learn more about smoking marijuana with herbs, you can speak with a medical marijuana doctor today.

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