13 Cannabis-Themed Stocking Stuffers for Last Minute Shoppers

Mary Ekundayo

Posted by Mary Ekundayo on 12/18/2023 in Products

cannabis stocking stuffers for last minute shoppers

Christmas is almost here, and as usual, it’s time to show your friends and family that you love and care about them. And what better way to do this than getting them thoughtful gifts and treats for stocking stuffers? 

If you have a cannabis consumer close to you and you’re trying to find the perfect gift for them, we’re here to help you out! Regardless of your budget, you’ll find something that will leave a huge smile on your loved one’s face this Christmas and fill up their stockings. Let’s dive right in.

13 Cannabis-Themed Stocking Stuffers

1. Walnut Flight Pad – Blazy Susan

blazy susan pad
Photo Courtesy of Blazy Susan

If you have a friend who’s into old-school stuff, this is the perfect gift for them. The Walnut Flight Pad is a versatile and compact rolling tray that can be carried anywhere. With this tray, your friend can easily roll a joint on the go. It also has a large cone holder and a space for a lighter. 

2. Binske Flower 

What better gift to give a cannabis lover than some weed itself? Of course, the Binske flower isn’t just your regular marijuana, it is made from strains that have a high level of flavor.  The buds are stored in an air-tight jar to ensure they remain fresh. You can wrap this up and stuff it in your friend’s stockings.

3. Cann Cannabis Drinks

cann cannabis drink

Your buddy will feel bubbly all day with Cann’s best-seller drinks. Thankfully, there are many exciting flavors to choose from including Blood Orange Cardamom, Grapefruit Rosemary Orange, and Lemon Lavender.  You can also choose from either the 2mg THC + 4mg CBD drinks or the 5mg THC + 10mg CBD cans. We suggest that you buy the Starter Pack if you’re not sure of the exact flavor to get. The pack has one can of every available flavor for your friend to explore.

4. Double Delicious Infusionz

Friends who are all about their skincare will love this gift stuffed in their stockings. Double Delicious Infusionz products are all potent and high-quality topicals made from homogenizing medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and cannabis extract. You can either use them directly on your skin and hair or add them to your moisturizers and bath water. Whichever way you choose, you’re down for a relaxed and personalized Infusionz experience.

5. Stoner Activity Book

stoner activity book
Photo Courtesy of Barnes & Noble

This unique activity book will keep your weed-loving pal entertained and engaged for hours. There are trippy mazes, word searches, stoner facts, journaling pages, and stoner thoughts in the journal to elevate the mind. It’s an ideal blend of relaxation, creativity, and stoner culture. 

6. Cannabis Smell Eliminating Products – Cannabolish

Cannabolish’s collection helps to eliminate that distinct smell of weed from any room. If your friend lives with their parents or in any other place where they need to keep a low profile, these products are the hack they’ve been looking for. From smoke odor-removing spray to smoke odor-removing candles, your friend will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind stuffing this gift in their stockings.

7. Mini Weed Grinder

bad ass glass mini grinder
Photo Courtesy of Bad Ass Glass

If you have a friend who still uses a plastic grinder, do them a favor by getting this mini metal weed grinder that makes grinding cannabis a lot quicker and stress-free. No one needs to deal with plastic fragments in their joints. Another reason to consider the mini weed grinder is that it is portable and affordable. 

8. Marijuana Leaf Christmas Stocking

Get your friends a stocking for Santa to fill. There’s no better way to show your love for cannabis than getting a cannabis-themed stocking. You can get these marijuana leaf-themed prints. Or other cannabis-inspired prints. This gift is definitely a must-have for all cannabis consumers.

9. Ganjaland Board Game

If you’d like to experience an epic weed adventure, with fun and good vibes, look no further than the Ganjaland board game. You don’t need to plan a night out. With this board game, you can stay inside with your friends and family and watch the night fly by.

10. Marijuana Lamp

cannabis plant lamp
Photo courtesy of DenazDzines on Etsy

These weed lamps make your loved ones’ smoking room more cute and cozy. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Give your friend this gift to light up and decorate their vaping spaces so they can look forward to their next smoking session.

11. Weed Grow Kit

You probably have one cannabis lover in your life who prefers to grow their weed and is putting in the effort to nurse some flowers in their garden. Save them the need to purchase expensive cannabis-growing supplies this Christmas. As they continue their weed-growing journey, surprise them with this gift. As a bonus, this kit contains a manual for them to learn the secrets behind successful marijuana gardening.

12. Medical Cannabis Gummies – Texas Original

Candy is iconic among other stocking stuffers — and why settle with regular candy when you can gift infused goodies instead? These gummies are designed to provide relief for marijuana consumers with qualifying health issues. As such, they contain THC, CBD, and certain rest terpenes. Additionally, they are vegan, gluten-free, and do not have any artificial dyes or flavors.

13. Giant Bud Necklace

Your cannabis-loving friend will be the center of attraction in the room when they are adorned in this giant bud necklace. It is vibrant in color, perfectly trimmed, full of crystals, and looks like a real bud. For your buddies who either work in the cannabis industry or love attending weed-themed festivals, you’ll earn a special place in their hearts with this jewelry.  

Final Words

You can’t go wrong with any of the weed-themed stocking stuffers we suggested. But, honestly, what matters is how much thought you put into this unique gift. You know your friends and family better than we do, so check the list out and make a selection that will resonate the most with whoever you’re planning to gift. 

Keep in mind that these cannabis stocking stuffers are not limited to just loved ones. If you are also a cannabis lover, do not hesitate to grab one or two items we’ve mentioned for yourself. Have a safe and happy Christmas holiday!

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