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Concentrates are substances which are created by isolating cannabinoids, like THC, and terpenes from cannabis plants. They are highly concentrated mass containing 40% to 80% THC levels, much stronger than average cannabis plants which only contain 20% THC.

Cannabis concentrates can be active concentrates which are distillate and can be consumed directly or non-active concentrates which need to be heated to be consumed.

Cannabis concentrates are extracted mainly in two ways: solvent and solventless extraction. Solvent-based extraction uses chemical solvents like ethanol, butane, CO2, and others to isolate cannabinoids and terpenes.

Solventless extraction uses mechanical techniques that manipulate pressure, temperature, and others to isolate the necessary compounds. Some of the common types of cannabis concentrates are tinctures, capsules, vaporizer cartridges, hash, and shatter, wax, dab oils.

Tinctures are cannabis-infused liquid ingested orally by dropping under the tongue. Capsules are cannabis-infused oils which are also ingested orally. Vaporizer cartridges are like e-cigarettes and have oil-filled cartridges fitted with a battery. Hash is pressed concentration usually smoked or vaporized made from the live resin of cannabis plants. Shatter, wax, dab oils are produced by an oil refined solvent like butane or CO2 containing a high amount of THC.

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