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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/28/2019 in Products


The cannabis industry is quickly taking America by storm. Now that we’ve learned to measure dosages, differentiate between strains, as well as control THC and CBD levels edibles have become a cannabis enthusiast favorite. The great thing about edibles is recreational and medical marijuana now allows participants to bring their favorite infused treats to their own home. One method is the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser , offering a way to produce homemade cannabis butter.

The Herbal Infuser has a sleek and simple design that allows the marijuana consumer to pick and choose exactly how they want to consume their choice cannabis. The designers of the Herbal Infuser aim to give marijuana enthusiasts the choice you don’t have when choosing dispensary edibles. The Herbal Infuser allows you to create the same high quality products as your favorite dispensary. The 420 Friendly infuser not only gives you back the power of choice, but also helps decrease the overall cost of dispensary bought edibles. With all the holidays on the horizon special treats just became a little more special.

I first used my Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser with some close friends of mine after a good harvest from our home grown plants. We wanted to perfect some cookies for an upcoming party decided this would be easiest way to make tasty and strong edibles. As I try to refrain from using dairy; the Mighty Infuser team advised using coconut oil, which often times works better than butter.

We began with about one cup of coconut coil and a half ounce of cannabis. As the Herbal Infuser tips suggested we let the cannabis bake for a few minutes before beginning the Herbal Infuser process.  This allows for the THC to be fully activated.

After removing the plant matter from the oven we combined the cannabis with the coconut oil into the Herbal Fuser compartment. After securing the lid on top of the mixture I then had to choose which mode I wanted to infuse with. The infusing methods included Mighty Fast 1, Mighty Fast 2 and Mighty Long. Each varies in time and potency; so I chose Mighty Fast 2 for better potency because I didn’t want to wait a whole four hours for the Mighty Long option.

While the butter was infusing in the Mighty Long Herbal Infuser I used my grandmother’s recipe for flourless hazelnut chocolate cake. Since the Mighty Fast 2 option takes 90 minutes for infusing we took the time to shop for the rest of the ingredients and prepare the mix without the coconut oil. With so many misleading and unhealthy labels and brands out on the market it can be hard to avoid them entirely, even in the cannabis world.

Once the Might Fast Herbal Infuser completed its four hour Mighty Fast 2 cycle we removed the inner compartment. The freshly infused coconut oil was a nice creamy texture and a lighter green shade. We placed the cannabis oil mixture into the included strainer and allowed for all the plant matter to be separated. Just for the best possible result I chose to strain the butter a couple more times.

My biggest concern with homemade cannabis butter is the texture and taste. A mouthful of yucky plant can ruin your edible experience. Often times the heat and be slightly off whereas the infuser maintains a constant, efficient temperature. The Herbal Infuser produces a clean and smooth product where a pot and stove couldn’t. You also can be sure the plant matter is being evenly dispersed and concentrated. When infusing butter in a pan some bud may float or sink and still contains important THC and CBD particles missed by the process.

When the cake was completely baked we added non-infused frosting and enjoyed what almost tasted like non-infused chocolate cake! After about an hour and a half we began feeling the effects of our sativa strain. Compared to my personal experience with edibles the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser definitely cut down the time, clean up, and mess. The potency reached everyone’s needs/desires; nobody ended up regretting eating one too many.

I hope to extend the herbal infuser to customers people who want to participate in the cannabis world, but don’t want to feel or appear like a ‘stoner.’ I would also suggest this to friends who just need to consume THC and CBD without smoke of any type.

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