CBD for Muscle Recovery: Best Products to Use After a Workout

Mary Ekundayo

Posted by Mary Ekundayo on 11/13/2023 in CBD Resources


Physical fitness is an important part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Working out and hitting the gym regularly presents your body with many benefits such as an increase in strength, endurance, agility, and many more physical attributes. Although working out gives you a range of health benefits, there are some inevitable pains that come after a well-rounded workout session. You can go through a set of strenuous activities that leave you with your muscles feeling sore for weeks.

Recent research shows that Cannabidiol (CBD) helps to alleviate pain after workout sessions. That’s why some gyms distribute and sell CBD products on walk-in counters in States where cannabis is legal.

As we proceed, this article gets you up to date on what you need to know about CBD. We’ll share some examples of CBD sources that you can use, how CBD can help you with muscle recovery, and give you various application methods of CBD. 

Muscle Recovery 101

Understanding muscle recovery is very important in fitness. A newbie who is just starting out might find it difficult to navigate the after-effects of a workout session. During moments like these the phrase “no pain no gain” becomes constantly recited in the bid to push through the pain.

It is important to note that although that phrase conditions the mind to push through workouts, and the pains that come afterwards, a comprehensive understanding of human physiology is also needed to push through properly. 

You might ask: why is it important for me to understand human physiology when it’s just a workout?

The answer to your question is that the understanding of human physiology or simple post-workout routines will help you achieve faster muscle recovery and it will also help you avoid unfavorable routines that might cause muscle soreness to last longer. 

There are common methods for muscle recovery. Most notably, painkillers or using ice baths for recovery. Although these methods might prove effective, they have some drawbacks. Painkillers may come with side effects while ice baths can be very uncomfortable for a lot of people. These drawbacks can be eliminated and this is where CBD comes in. 

What is CBD? 

The chemical compounds found in cannabis are called cannabinoids and they are made up of two main compounds. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound that is found in cannabinoids, alongside tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived from Cannabis sativa. It is known for its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects on the muscles and joints of the human body. It activates receptors that make you feel at ease after a workout session and this contributes to its value in having healing and therapeutic properties. 

How CBD Works In The Body?

When it is consumed, the CBD courses through your body. It routinely engages with your endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors belong to a network called your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS carries out several functions that regulate body activities. These functions include sleep, pain, inflammation, mood, and energy. When cannabinoids engage these receptors, they boost the system’s performance, and this leads to general body wellness. 

CBD for Muscle Recovery: Products to Consider

CBD comes in different forms and it is present in a lot of products. These different forms of CBD are administered into the body through different routes. Some examples are explained below

CBD Topicals 

A major perk of opting for a topical rather than an ingested form of cannabis is the lack of psychological effects the consumer will experience. Smoking, or eating cannabis affects the neurological system differently. Whether you opt for a marijuana balm or cannabis-infused patch, the THC is less likely to enter your bloodstream and produce halogenic mental state results.

Topical cannabis can be applied by simply rubbing the ointment on the affected areas of the skin. The ease of application and the ability to retain a clear, unaltered state of mind allows users to go about their normal daily activities undisturbed.

CBD Oils

The relief from chronic pain is the most common reason patients cite for using medical cannabis.  CBD oils make the administration of medical cannabis to patients easy. The oils are placed under the tongue for faster absorption and they reduce pain and can promote relaxation for you. 

CBD Edibles

Cannabis gummy bears, CBD-infused cookies, and cannabis caramel apples are examples of mediums through which cannabis can be consumed orally.

A cannabis edible will generally hit between 30 minutes and 2 hours after it’s eaten and it’s important to wait that period out before taking more. Edibles are an enjoyable way to consume CBD.

CBD-Heavy Strains

There are many cannabis strains with a higher percentage of CBD content rather than THC, which can be recommended for use in order to aid muscle recovery. Some examples include; 

  1. Remedy
  2. ACDC
  3. Lifter
  4. Charlotte’s Web
  5. Cherry Wine
  6. Ringo’s Gift

Final Takeaway

In the evolving world of health and fitness, CBD presents you with a safer method for muscle recovery. This method differs from the traditional methods in their administration, yet provides more benefits and fewer side effects to users who suffer from pain and muscle soreness post-workout. 

By incorporating CBD into your fitness journey, you can push through workouts easily, without having to worry about physical discomfort. 

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