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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/04/2023 in Consumption

cannabis edibles weight loss

Cannabis edibles don’t make you lose weight, but there’s evidence that marijuana can indirectly help with weight loss.

In fact, one study suggests that marijuana legalization triggers a 2-6% reduction in the affected population’s obesity rates.

Keep reading to learn more about how edibles can support weight loss and what types of edibles you should eat if you want to shed body weight.

How Cannabis Edibles Can Help With Weight Loss

The study we mentioned above makes two important observations about  marijuana’s health benefits:

  1. Many people use medical marijuana to relieve chronic pain symptoms that inhibit their mobility. In other words, marijuana helps them to get exercise that they would otherwise not get.
  2. Cannabis users tend to drink less alcohol than non-users. Alcoholic drinks often contain large amounts of sugar that contribute to a higher body mass index (BMI).
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Drawing from this study, additional research, and anecdotal evidence, we identified some of the ways that cannabis use can help with weight management:

  • Supports an active lifestyle: Marijuana can relieve pain symptoms, making it easier to engage in physical activity. Sativa-based medications give you a burst of energy that helps you get moving. Even better, marijuana’s anti-inflammatory properties also help your muscles heal after intense exercise.
  • Reduces stress and depression: Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression can lead to binge eating and a reduction in physical activity, raising your risk of weight gain. Cannabis medicine improves your mood so you can practice better habits.
  • Controls blood sugar: When you have high blood sugar, your cells can develop insulin resistance. They stop using glucose for energy, putting you at risk for diabetes and weight gain. Medical marijuana reduces the inflammation associated with insulin resistance to help you metabolize sugar.

You can use cannabis edibles and other forms of marijuana to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Do Edibles Affect Your Appetite?

Unfortunately, marijuana edibles aren’t an appetite suppressant. In fact, many medical marijuana patients report an increase in appetite.

This phenomenon is often referred to as “the munchies,” and it often becomes the target of marijuana-related jokes. When you want to lower your food intake, however, it can feel like a serious issue.

At the same time, anecdotal evidence suggests that only certain cannabinoids cause increased appetite. Many people note that products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) trigger hunger, while products containing cannabidiol (CBD) do not.

If you find that cannabis medicine makes you hungry, you could try a medication high in CBD or one of the coping activities mentioned in our side effect guide.

What Are the Best Edibles for Weight Loss?

Again, edibles alone won’t help you to lose weight. However, they (or any other medical cannabis products) can be used to support health and wellness.

But you still need to practice healthy eating habits. Eating too many sugary edibles would be counterintuitive to your weight loss journey.

So, what types of edibles should you eat?

Well, it depends on how you want to lose weight:

1. If You Want to Be More Physically Active

While cannabis brownies and gummies might satisfy those cravings, they can impact your motivation to exercise. Instead, consider these tasty and energizing treats:

  • Infused nut butter on whole-grain bread or as a dip for fruit
  • A fruit smoothie made from yogurt, your favorite fruit, and cannabis medicine
  • Whole-grain crackers dipped in infused hummus or guacamole

Remember to maintain a weight-loss diet that keeps you energized and healthy. If you find yourself getting exhausted or sick from cutting back on food, try adding more calories back to your diet.

2. If You Want to Relieve Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

depression and anxiety

Certain foods can help you to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. For instance, increasing your intake of healthy carbohydrates, protein, vitamin D, and vitamin B can kickstart your mind and mood.

These edibles can help you feel calmer and happier so you can focus on your weight loss strategy:

  • Spinach salad with dressing infused with flaxseed, fish oil, and cannabis oil
  • Oatmeal with fruit, supplemented with cannabis concentrates or oil
  • Low-fat yogurt with fruit and marijuana oil

Remember to consult with your doctor when using cannabis medication for mood disorders. You can work together to find a solution that improves your symptoms.

3. If You Want to Control Your Blood Sugar

Dieting can help to regulate your blood sugar levels. Foods high in fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants can help you reach your goal.

You can also look up the glycemic index of the foods you want to add to your diet.

Try these ideas:

  • Infused egg salad on whole-grain bread
  • Fish tacos with whole-grain tortillas and infused salsa
  • Mashed sweet potatoes with added marijuana oil or tincture

A physician or registered dietitian can help you find even more foods that keep your blood sugar at steady levels.

Find more ideas here: Medical Marijuana Recipe Guide

Develop a Marijuana-Positive Weight Loss Strategy Today

Edibles are a lung-friendly alternative to smoking cannabis. And as you can see, you can eat many kinds of infused food to achieve a lower BMI.

Make an appointment with a cannabis-friendly doctor to get your medical marijuana card and develop a strategy that fits your needs.

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