420 Dating Websites for Singles


As a registered patient, you have a medical card, and you are successfully using cannabis to help with your chronic health symptoms.  No matter what age you are, if you are single, chances are you are looking to meet someone who shares your interests.  For patients, it is a litt ... Read More

Canadian Study Finds CBD Helps Diabetic Foot Ulcers


Circulatory issues are a problem for everyone in our increasingly sedentary society. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend sitting? If you work in an office, you clock about eight hours per day at a desk. Maybe ten. If you drive to work or take public transit and commute, you c ... Read More

Can Your Dog Get High? Cannabis Safety Tips


If you check the pet forums, there are plenty of threads about people who have a pet who has accidentally ingested cannabis. Usually, it is a story about camping, where the dog swallowed a roach it found on the ground. Or the pet got into some edibles that were left on a table, and next t ... Read More

How-To Visit A Marijuana Dispensary


Congratulations on getting your new medical card. As a registered patient in your state medical marijuana program, you had to go through several steps to verify that cannabis was a safe wellness option for you. Now it's time to visit your local marijuana dispensary. When you had y ... Read More

Thai Researchers Label Cannabis a Cancer Fighter


Google “cancer and cannabis” and you are going to find endless pages and citations for studies. The majority of the growing body of clinical research into cannabis suggests that cannabinoids can help reduce certain types of cancer progression. Government-funded clinical studies in ... Read More

Nebraska Loses Marijuana Vote on November Ballot


The language used to draft legislation (particularly for medical cannabis laws) can make or break the potential to legalize cannabis at the state level. That is what lawmakers in Nebraska have learned, as the Supreme Court ruled against adding medical cannabis to the November 2020 electio ... Read More

Twitter Tags Cannabis With SAMHSA Message


Image: Solen Feyissa | Pexels Twitter came under public scrutiny and backlash in early September, for an educational initiative that seemed to target the cannabis industry exclusively. It is yet another example of how the lack of federal endorsement of medical marijuana impacts dispens ... Read More

Dablets Are the New Cannabis Concentrate


Concentrates like resins, rosins, shatter and budder are high-potency cannabis products.  Many patients who have debilitating symptoms like chronic intractable pain, cachexia (wasting syndrome), or severe muscle spasm disorders find that concentrates can provide fast relief. One ... Read More

The Battle to Protect the Potency of Concentrates


The first front of the battle for the legalization of cannabis concentrates was to legitimize the therapeutic benefit and use of marijuana for patients.  At the time of writing, there are 34 states that have legalized medical marijuana.  And many states are developing the groundwork leg ... Read More

Careers in Cannabis: How to Get Started


Do you live in a state that has legalized medical cannabis? There are many lucrative career opportunities that you can explore, from customer support and retail, administrative jobs to accounting, marketing, and cultivation jobs. There are many careers in cannabis to choose from. Many ... Read More

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