Marijuana News Round-Up

Marijuana News Round-Up

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 07/02/2021 in Medical Marijuana

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marijuana news round-up

From a Supreme Court Justice calling the U.S. Federal Government’s stance and lack of progress on legalization as ‘Unstable’ to suggestions for strains to help you celebrate the July 4th weekend, here is your weekend roundup and marijuana news from

Strains of Cannabis Perfect for Long-Weekends

What is your definition of the perfect weekend? For some, it means packing up the car and heading to a beach or a rented cabin or cottage.  But with COVID-19 still very much a health risk, many Americans are not venturing far on holiday weekends.  

marijuana strains long weekend holiday medical cards online
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What is wrong with a staycation? Inviting a few friends and family over?  Sounds like a plan!  Or maybe, you want to do the unthinkable and enjoy a quiet weekend at home with your dog, your bong, and your backlogged playlist of Netflix stuff you haven’t watched yet. 

No matter how you plan to spend a long weekend, we have some suggestions regarding different types of strains to consider.  From the super chilled-out Indica’s that everyone loves (when you don’t want to move from the couch) to the uppity Sativa’s that will have you walking, talking, and stalking snacks in the kitchen.  

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Marijuana News Shares Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s Call Out to Federal Lawmakers

The state of Alabama just legalized medical cannabis in May 2021.  That makes a total of thirty-six (36) states that have now legalized medical marijuana.   And yet, while patients in 72% of jurisdictions across America can now access legalized therapeutic cannabis, movement in D.C. has been painfully slow.  And mired in political conflict.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been duking it out with dispensaries over tax deductions.  And one case between a Colorado dispensary and the IRS made a petition to be heard in the Supreme Court. However, it was declined.  One example of how federal and state laws are conflicting and creating legal and administrative problems.

Judge Clarence Thomas stated that the conflict between state and federal laws needs to be addressed because it creates a contradiction.  He warned federal lawmakers:

“If the Government is now content to allow States to act ‘as laboratories’ ‘and try novel social and economic experiments,’…then it might no longer have authority to intrude on ‘[t]he States’ core police powers…to define criminal law and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their citizens.”

In one case, Gonzales v. Raich, the federal government was granted the legal right to prohibit cannabis (even if a state legalized it).  The incident took place in California.  But that was back in 2005 before the U.S. federal government had made several legal concessions.  Such as the 2018 Farm Act, legalizing hemp, and allowing states to legalize medicinal and/or adult-use cannabis, self-regulate enforcement, tax structures, and more.

Thomas Calls for “All in or All Out” Decision on Cannabis by the Federal Government

Marijuana news picked up Justice Clarence Thomas’s criticism of the fed’s approach, which he referred to as “half in and half out.”  A clear call to decide (one way or the other) about cannabis.  And again, with 36 states that have legalized medical cannabis programs and the institution of compassionate care and ‘right to try’ legislation at the state level, a continued prohibition is unlikely.

When two states side by side have legalized cannabis, should it still be a felony offense to transport cannabis from one state to another?  Americans are falling between the cracks of variable laws about cannabis.  Tens of thousands of U.S. residents are also waiting for relief from personal-use cannabis possession or cultivation charges.  And expungement.

While Vice President Kamala Harris is one of the sponsors of The MORE Act, which would federally legalize cannabis, tax it, and provide social equity relief, President Biden has been quiet about his stance.  Many Americans and the legal and medical community feel it is time to make that call.  Yes or no, to federal legalization, with a decision now (rather than years from now).

CBD Liver Damage Study Marijuana Doctors
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Cannabidiol and Liver Damage in Marijuana News? Project CBD Debunks Claims

Did you know that CBD (cannabidiol) products in the United States in 2020 exceeded $1.2 billion?  Sales of CBD products by 2022 are projected to reach over $2 billion.  So, when it comes to legalized CBD products, it’s a high-stakes game. And when CBD is featured in marijuana news, it is not always accurate reporting.

To the extent that some parties would like to debunk CBD products. Skewing lab results and clinical studies are nothing new. Particularly to lobbyists who have a vested or monopolistic interest in controlling the flow of alternative medicines.  Including CBC, psilocybin, and ketamine. 

But when one author for Forbes decided to share inaccurate clinical results that led Americans to question the safety of small doses of CBD?  Advocates for cannabidiol fought back.  And they poked some very big holes in the false narrative that CBD (with regulated quantities) could create liver damage.

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