Guide to Testing Your Drugs for Contamination or Purity


Unfortunately, not all cannabis users have access to safe products regulated by a legal market. This article provides some helpful information about harmful substances that may be found in cannabis products and ways to tell if your product may be unsafe. We will explore the dangers of pote ... Read More

Can Cannabis Help You Quit Nicotine?


In a world where smoking cessation is a battle many face, a surprising ally emerges from the haze – cannabis. Could the plant that's been both celebrated and stigmatized hold the key to breaking free from nicotine addiction? Let's explore the science behind an unconventional approach to ... Read More

Can Cannabis Help Cure a Hangover?


Imagine the proverbial night out with friends that was a bit too festive, leaving you to wake up the next morning with the all-too-familiar aftermath: a pounding headache, an upset stomach, and a body crying out for hydration.  Hangovers are an unwelcome guest that follow a night of he ... Read More

Guide to Obtaining a Puerto Rico Med Card and How to Use It


For a long time, cannabis has been labeled as an evil drug. Thankfully, this narrative is gradually changing--particularly in places like the United States, although weed is still classified as a Schedule I drug under federal laws. Nonetheless, as of 2024, marijuana is legal in 38 states f ... Read More

Signs You May Be Allergic to the Type of Medical Marijuana You’re Using


Medical marijuana is available as Sativa or Indica — two different strains of marijuana that contain varying levels of THC and cannabidiol (CBD). Popular hybrid strains containing Sativa and Indica are widely used by medical marijuana patients seeking comprehensive therapeutic relief not ... Read More

Canna-Tourism Guide: Cool Cannabis Cafes Across the U.S.


The tourism industry is one of the world's most versatile and multifaceted sectors. Some people travel to different places to experience the traditions and lifestyle of regions outside their immediate environment, while others visit countries to enjoy their local foods, watch wildlife, or ... Read More

Fun Cannabis Craft to Make After Consuming


Alongside its notable therapeutic and calming effects, there have been numerous reports about the positive effects of marijuana on creativity. In fact, across many cultures, cannabis and art have always gone hand-in-hand. As you plan for your next sesh, wouldn’t it be nice to explore you ... Read More

Can Felons Get Medical Marijuana?


A felon is someone who has committed a serious crime resulting in receiving a felony charge. In common law, such a person would have served a minimum jail term of one year. With the legalization of medical marijuana in more than half the states in the U.S., many people are wondering if peo ... Read More

Tips for Setting Up a Cozy Sesh Space: Using Feng Shui Principles to Enhance Your Experience


Your sesh space is that inner sanctuary where you can take your smoking experience to a whole new level, and the good news is that you can bring the perfect marijuana room to life with your own hands. So, whether you want a space to go solo or would love to get high with your friends, this ... Read More

Toke or Broke? Keeping a Job With a Medical Card


How many people do you think tell their employer or fellow employees that they got a medical card? Despite the fact that clinical and social understanding of cannabis has improved over the past ten years, acceptance has been slow. Your job or your health? Choose one. After decades ... Read More

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