Feeling Blah? Cannabis May Help Boost Your Energy


You know what your normal energy is like. How you run your day, and when you get tired. But what if you wake up first thing in the morning, and you are tired? And you have not even started your day yet?  Many people use a cannabis energy boost, on days when they feel sluggish.  Fatigu ... Read More

Kentucky Cannabis Legalization Top Priority for Lawmakers


Marijuana Moment reported that the Kentucky legislation made an important announcement on January 3, 2022. Among a number of issues, including the expansion of healthcare services for Kentucky residents, was cannabis reform.  Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Morgan McGarvey stated, “[ ... Read More

Smokable Cannabis Available Now in Louisiana But It’s Expensive


Louisiana was a state that legalized medical cannabis but restricted the kind of products that patients could access. One of the most popular types of medical marijuana purchased at dispensaries is smokable varieties. That includes raw cannabis bud and vape oils. The first legislation t ... Read More

States Where Weed is Way Too Expensive (And Why)


In some states, the cost of cannabis is very affordable. Those states tend to have both recreational (adult-use) legislation in addition to legalized medical marijuana. And that is no accident. Some of the highest-priced cannabis in the country exists in states that have only legalized med ... Read More

Marijuana News Round-Up December 31, 2021


This week in marijuana news. Montana residents have something to look forward to on January 1st. Recreational cannabis sales in the state will start. But will adult-use products be available in every jurisdiction across the state? Texas advocates won another decisive battle in court, to ... Read More

How-To Use Cannabis to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder


In North America, we have come a long way in the past fifty years toward understanding the importance of mental health. And supporting individuals who experience moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety and depression. Medical cannabis programs in many states include depression and anxiet ... Read More

Montana Recreational Cannabis Sales Start January 1, 2022


During the November 2020 election, the state question regarding legalizing adult-use was posed to Montana voters. And 58% of voters endorsed the legalization of recreational cannabis. Medical cannabis in the state was already legalized in 2004. Now the countdown to adult-use sales in Mo ... Read More

Lamborghini Launches CBD Coffee Products


When you think of CBD, would you think of the legendary Lambo? It is a bit of an odd combination, but when you think about the potential for CBD beverages, it makes sense.  Lamborghini is the newest international brand entry into the CBD food and beverage market. According to Reuters, ... Read More

Texas Supreme Court Protects Legal Status of Delta-THC Products (Again)


You may not see Delta-THC products on the shelves of a local convenience store. Or in your local smoke shop in Texas.  That doesn’t mean that the products are not there.  It means that retailers are being extremely cautious, since the legality of Delta-8 and Delta-10 semi-synthetic THC ... Read More

Spend Holiday Money on These Cool Cannabis Gifts for You


Now that all the gifts have been bought, wrapped, and under the tree, you can relax a little. And if you are still not done with your holiday shopping? Pretend we didn’t say that. May the odds ever be in your favor. What about some cannabis gifts for yourself?  Now you're talking! Th ... Read More

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