Texas Supreme Court Protects Legal Status of Delta-THC Products (Again)


You may not see Delta-THC products on the shelves of a local convenience store. Or in your local smoke shop in Texas.  That doesn’t mean that the products are not there.  It means that retailers are being extremely cautious, since the legality of Delta-8 and Delta-10 semi-synthetic THC ... Read More

Spend Holiday Money on These Cool Cannabis Gifts for You


Now that all the gifts have been bought, wrapped, and under the tree, you can relax a little. And if you are still not done with your holiday shopping? Pretend we didn’t say that. May the odds ever be in your favor. What about some cannabis gifts for yourself?  Now you're talking! The ... Read More

Fight for Adult-Use in Ohio Escalates 


Marijuana Moment reported that on Monday, December 20, 2021, marijuana activists from the state of Ohio submitted more signatures. The petitions totaled 206,943 endorsements from voters to the Ohio Secretary of State. Much more than was required to get lawmakers to move the dial to legaliz ... Read More

6 New Cannabis Strains for 2021 Holidaze


At the end of the year, it’s time to celebrate many things. Some will be gathering with family and friends or planning the ultimate stay-cation, to relax and unwind. And on the list of things to get ready for the holidaze, maybe trying a new strain or two is on the list.  There have bee ... Read More

Marijuana News Round-Up December 17, 2021


This week in marijuana news, an exciting new study suggests CBD + THC could work best for reducing seizures from epilepsy. When you visit the local convenience store, why aren’t there more CBD snacks and beverages? It’s because the federal government doesn’t recognize cannabidiol as ... Read More

Level Up Your Smoke: Interview With Dynavap


At, we want to bring patients practical information they can use. We had the opportunity to interview Dynavap, one of America’s leading cannabis accessory manufacturers.  And what they had to share about using Dynavap technology to make using medical cannabis safer ... Read More

New Study Suggests Raw Cannabis Works Better for Children With Epilepsy


Life with epilepsy is hard to imagine unless you have it or know someone who does. Because living with seizures that can happen anytime or anyplace (with no warning) is debilitating for patients. And for children, it can lead to other health and developmental problems if symptoms are not m ... Read More

St. Louis Missouri Mayor Decriminalizes Cannabis


When Amendment 2 was passed by voters in 2018, more than 82% of residents in St. Louis Missouri supported decriminalization. Currently, only medical use was legalized in 2014. And the first sales of medical cannabis in Missouri began in October 2020. Just over a year later, residents and ... Read More

Proposed CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act a Game Changer


There are sufficient clinical studies and evidence-based data to suggest cannabidiol can provide wellness benefits. In some states, where there is no conventional medical cannabis program, clinical-grade CBD is a legal treatment option.  The CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act laws ... Read More

Tennessee Cannabis Commission May Allow Patients to Import from Nearby States


The road to providing legalized medical cannabis in Tennessee has been difficult. And frustrating for patients. In 2020, over 26% of people in Tennessee over the age of sixty-five (65) had at least three diagnosed chronic health conditions. The most common chronic diseases impacting resid ... Read More

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