Blue Honey: What Is It and How To Make It

Mary Ekundayo

Posted by Mary Ekundayo on 03/15/2024 in Alternative Medicine

Blue Honey: What Is It and How To Make It

If you have taken magic mushrooms before, then you can attest to their not-so-pleasant raw taste. However, did you know that there are ways to make your shroom experience more enjoyable? For example, you can brew them like tea to drink, cook them with other foods, or grind them to swallow in magic capsules.

One other tasty solution for your mushrooms is to transform them into blue honey, also called magic mushroom honey. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about this sweet psychedelic delight. The most exciting part? You’ll learn how to make a jar or two for yourself. Let’s get started.

What Is Blue Honey?

In simple terms, blue honey refers to honey that is infused with psilocybin. Compared with other techniques of extracting psilocybin from psychedelic mushrooms, this honey is easy to prepare, store, and dose.

The reason it’s called blue is because, more often than not, when it is prepared, one part of it turns blue. The prevailing explanation behind this phenomenon is that psilocin, the compound behind the psychedelic effect of psilocybin, turns blue whenever it’s exposed to oxygen.

If this theory is true, the implication is that the bluer your honey, the less psychoactive it might be. The same can be said for mushroom tea. It turns into a more vibrant blue the longer the liquid is exposed to air.

How To Make Blue Honey

Blue honey is simple to make as long as you have mushrooms are available. Check out our guide on how to prepare yours in the comfort of your home.


  • Honey (preferably runny honey)
  • Dried magic mushrooms
  • Coffee grinder or knife
  • Airtight glass jar


  1. Grind the shrooms into fine powder to make it easy for the honey to extract the psilocybin.
  2. Pour in the honey and ground mushroom powder into the glass jar in alternate layers. You can start with a layer of magic mushrooms, then a layer of honey. Repeat this process until the ingredients are exhausted.
  3. Next, transfer the layered mixture into a bowl and mix thoroughly.
  4. Pour the mixture back into the glass jar, then store it in a cool and dry place for at least one month.

How To Enjoy Blue Honey

Blue honey is very versatile and can be enjoyed in so many ways. You can: 

  • Add it to your toast.
  • Add it to your cup of tea. However, ensure your hot tea cools down before adding your blue honey.
  • Add it to other foods that you normally take with honey.
  • Simply eat it on its own. 

Benefits Of Blue Honey

If you are skeptical about exploring blue honey, there are some upsides of this magic food that might change your mind. It tastes delicious, it is easy to microdose on blue honey, and its preparation doesn’t require any cooking. Its versatility makes it easy to add to a number of foods so you can choose your own adventure every time. 

Other Things To Note About Blue Honey

Following these practices will help you end up with high-quality magic mushroom honey:

  • Ensure you use thoroughly dry mushroom stems to make your honey last longer.
  • For a more potent result, use more magic mushroom powder.
  • The psilocybin potency is typically preserved for up to many years without degradation if it’s kept away from light, heat, and oxygen.

When Not To Take Blue Honey

The blue honey psilocybin experience is nothing short of powerful and rewarding. Nonetheless, you might need to steer clear of taking it if you are:

  • on prescription pills
  • experiencing anxiety, depression, or other forms of mental stress
  • pregnant or breastfeeding

How To Know Your Blue Honey Dosage

The psychedelic effect of your blue honey largely depends on the amount of the mushroom you use, so the potency will be different for different people. As such, you can only determine your dosage by consuming the honey in bits and monitoring its effect on you. Start small and work your way up to larger amounts. 

After figuring this out once, you can tell how powerful your magic mushroom honey is and the safest quantity to take per time.

Alternative Ways to Consume Mushrooms

As you read through this article, you must have noticed that we mentioned other ways to make your magic mushroom less boring to consume. After trying out our blue honey recipe, feel free to explore the other options we have outlined below.

Magic Mushrooms Capsules

With handy tools like a capsule machine, empty capsules, and ground shrooms, you’ll get these done in no time. Pour the magic mushroom powder into the empty capsules and close them up using the capsule machine. Voila! Your capsules are ready to be swallowed. You can typically dose these out more accurately as well. 

Magic Mushrooms Edibles

You can add magic mushrooms to almost any food that you eat. However, the catch is never to add it during any cooking process to avoid destroying the psilocybin. For example, you can add shrooms to your sauces and toppings after cooking them. Other popular options include adding it to ice cream or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

Magic Mushrooms Tea

Do the following to make a cup of shroom tea:

  • Cut your magic mushrooms into small pieces and throw them into a pan of hot water.
  • Let the shrooms simmer for about 20 minutes. Don’t let the water boil to preserve the psychedelic effect of the plant.
  • Strain out the mixture into a cup to get rid of the mushroom stems. 
  • Feel free to add ginger, honey, and other additives you normally put in your tea.

Lemon Tek

Lemon tekking is an increasingly popular way to consume shrooms. Some people claim it makes them stronger, but there is little scientific evidence to support this as of yet. Regardless, it’s a tasty and easy way to take shrooms. Here’s how it’s prepared:

  • Add some lemon juice to a glass cup.
  • Pour your ground magic mushrooms into the cup.
  • Let the mixture sit for some time.
  • Add some water and gulp down the drink. 

Double Delight

Magic mushroom honey is the perfect blend of the tasty honey world and the psychedelic adventure. Instead of dealing with bone-dry shroom stems, you get to enjoy them in a delicious way.

However, just as you would do with any other psychedelic, ensure you start small when consuming blue honey to avoid overdosing. A good practice is to start with one teaspoon and slowly increase the quantity based on your tolerance level.


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