Alternative Medicine

Exploring the Potential of Psychedelics for Autism 


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a very serious developmental issue that affects and impairs someone's ability to communicate and interact. Fortunately, researchers have identified that there might be a positive relationship between psychedelics and autism.  In order to fully understand thi Read More

Exploring Nootropic Psychedelics for Cognitive Health


Nootropics are a diverse class of substances known to improve thinking, learning, and memory. Their ability to improve cognitive function is why nootropics are often referred to as “smart drugs."  It should be noted that “nootropics” is an incredibly broad term. It includes every Read More

How To Make Mushroom Chocolate at Home


What better way to transform the not-so-tasty magic mushroom into a sweet chocolatey delight than by making mushroom chocolate?  If you’ve ever eaten shrooms, then you can attest that they have a rather unpleasant flavor and texture. Of course, this doesn’t in any way affect their Read More

Blue Honey: What Is It and How To Make It


If you have taken magic mushrooms before, then you can attest to their not-so-pleasant raw taste. However, did you know that there are ways to make your shroom experience more enjoyable? For example, you can brew them like tea to drink, cook them with other foods, or grind them to swallow Read More

Can Cannabis Aid With Addiction Recovery?


In the addiction recovery community, a new idea known as "California sober" has been gaining attention. This concept is different from traditional views as it allows the use of cannabis and psychedelics while avoiding other drugs and alcohol. Many in recovery circles, like Alcoholics Anon Read More

THC vs THCA: Understanding Their Unique Therapeutic Effects


THCa vs THC, what are the differences? While both of them are forms of THC, they are both unique in their own ways. While THC is the most popular cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, THCa has a number of benefits that are largely undiscussed in the cannabis community.  Let’s dive in Read More

Cannabis Didn’t Cause 96,000 Overdoses in One Year: Opioids Did


Drug overdose deaths in the United States hit a new high of more than 96,000 in the 12 months ending March 2021. That number is hard to process because overdose deaths are always avoidable. The number of Americans losing their lives to drug overdose is climbing. Medical marijuana Read More

Everything You Wanted to Know About Psychedelic Cannabis


Have you heard of psychedelic strains of cannabis? No, they are not a mutant hybrid of magic mushrooms and cannabis.  There are (and always have been) strains that are more cerebral than other types.  And a scary movie or a haunted house at Halloween could become a system overload situ Read More

Psilocybin Penalty in New Jersey Reduced to Disorderly Conduct


If someone used a psychedelic drug for a medical reason, should they face criminal charges? That is what many state legislatures are discussing. And if the amount the individual possesses is small (for personal use), many people believe it should be a ticket. Not a felony offense. Read More

Creating a Compassionate Place for Patients:


Have you heard about  It is a new online forum and community for people who want to learn more about medical marijuana.  But it has become more than that.  It has become a place where patients feel comfortable talking about their experiences with chronic symptoms Read More

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