Ohio Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis: What to Know About Their New Rec Program


Ohioians have shown their support for the cannabis culture after voting to approve the recreational use of cannabis in November. This development comes six months after Minnesota legalized the adult use of marijuana, making Ohio the 24th U.S. state to pass the same law. Despite opposition ... Read More

Best Strains of Cannabis for Migraines


If you’ve ever experienced an intense pounding in your head that lasted for, say, ten minutes, you’ll agree that it was not a pleasant experience. Now imagine having that severe headache for hours on end or even days. You’ve successfully put yourself in the shoes of someone dealing ... Read More

Rare “THCV” Now Available After 50 Years


When we talk about cannabis components, we only speak about THC or CBD. THC is the component responsible for the psychotic effects or the “high”, while CBD is responsible for the medical benefits. Looking further into the components of cannabis, we can note that cannabis comprises many ... Read More

Cannabis Hot Toddy: Prepare for Colder Weather With This Infused Drink


Winter is almost here! And as we all know, one of the best ways to keep the cold at bay is to reach for a hot drink like a toddy. This drink has gained popularity over the years for many reasons. Apart from keeping you cozy and warm, it can also help you get rid of a sore throat and other ... Read More

What You Need to Know About “THC-O”


When the word cannabis comes up, two major substances come to mind: cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While CBD is known for its medicinal properties, THC is responsible for that high effect you feel from consuming marijuana. There’s a growing list of over 100 oth ... Read More

Crystal Clear Hits: The 5 Best Bong Cleaners for a Healthier High


Using a bong is one of the best ways to smoke. You get to inhale your weed in its purest form, unlike using rolling paper which involves inhaling harsh smoke with your weed. Bongs get the job done—one hit and you’re on cloud 9. With bongs, you get a faster and better high from a single ... Read More

Seeded Buds: Why Does My Weed Have Seeds?


Seeded weed may not seem like a big deal. But having seeds in your weed impacts the overall quality and potency of the cannabis flower: including the production of valuable cannabinoids and trichomes. This phenomenon is not limited to just one region; it's something that can happen in an ... Read More

What is Live Resin? Everything You Need to Know


When we talk about live resin, we’re not talking about that tar-like black resin that clogs the inside of your pipe stems. Instead, we’re talking about one of the most potent — and luxurious — types of cannabis concentrates on the market. There’s a reason why so many cannab ... Read More

Rick Simpson Oil Unveiled: The Science, Stories, and Potential of RSO


If you’ve ever been to a marijuana dispensary, you’re probably familiar with the wealth of new cannabis products that hit the market every day. But one highly potent — and often homemade — cannabis oil has been getting more attention: RSO. RSO, better known as Rick Simpson Oi ... Read More

Keeping a Medical Cannabis Journal: Tips for Tracking Consumption


If you’re consuming medical cannabis, chances are you are using it for a specific health reason. You might be using it to manage the following: anxiety, chronic pain, the side effects of chemotherapy, or other conditions. Irrespective of what you’re trying to treat or manage, the truth ... Read More

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