Fun Cannabis Craft to Make After Consuming

Mary Ekundayo

Posted by Mary Ekundayo on 02/29/2024 in Consumption

Fun Cannabis Craft to Make After Consuming

Alongside its notable therapeutic and calming effects, there have been numerous reports about the positive effects of marijuana on creativity. In fact, across many cultures, cannabis and art have always gone hand-in-hand. As you plan for your next sesh, wouldn’t it be nice to explore your creativity in a fun way?

In this guide, you’ll find six weed-inspired crafts and other fun activities you can try out as you bask in the euphoria that comes with consuming marijuana. You’ll also gain some insights into the relationship between cannabis and creativity. Let’s get started!

Cannabis Crafts to Make When High

Consuming weed has the potential to relieve you from mental blocks so your creativity flows easily. If you are looking for entertaining and productive things to indulge in to pass away your high time, check out our list below.

Beautify Your Lighter

There’s no getting high without a lighter, right? So, why not add some spice to your Bic or Zippo lighter to make it less boring? If you were not able to find a lighter that matches your perfect design and style, you can decorate the one you have. A simple way to get crafty with your lighter is to wrap it up using patterned tape. You can also paint it with nail polish or use glue to embellish it with some rhinestones.

Make a Bird Feeder

You can easily build a craft to help you befriend the songbirds and bring you closer to nature. All you need is a large pine cone, one length of string, birdseed, and a tablespoon of nut butter. First, smear the pine cone with nut butter and roll it in birdseed. Next, hang it from an outdoor spot that works for you–bonus points if you can see it from your session spot. Wait for your neighborhood creatures to stop by and appreciate the beauty of creation after consuming cannabis.

Create a Sock Puppet

How about you manufacture a weed companion from items you have lying around in your house during your sesh? You’ll need a sacrificial sock, yarn, fabric, strong glue, and some buttons or coins for the eyes. Let your creative mind loose and glue all these items together until it resembles your new cannabis buddy. If you like, you can also give it a name.

Color, Color, Color

Bring out the inner child in you when high by getting busy with an adult-themed cannabis coloring book. Coloring is a way to improve your relaxation further and increase your concentration after using cannabis. You can also go out, pick up a handful of street rocks, and paint little pictures on them. Afterward, you can scatter your pretty works of art around the house for people to appreciate.

Build With Legos

As you embrace your post-sesh euphoria, you can take a trip down memory lane by putting some pieces of Lego together. Besides being fun, it’s a good way to allow your imagination to flourish because it promotes mindfulness and relaxation.

Get a Craft Kit

A craft kit box usually contains the materials and instructions you need to create something new. Before your cannabis session, you can go and pick up a DIY kit from the store. Once you’re back home and have taken cannabis, you can open up the box and get busy with the challenge it unveils.

Other fun things you can do include:

  • Crocheting, sculpting, scrapbooking, woodworking, and jewelry making
  • Playing video games
  • Playing cards or board games with friends
  • Writing (a poem, short story, a thought, or a feeling)
  • Going to a local concert, music festival, or stand-up comedy show
  • Visiting an exhibit, a museum, or an art gallery
  • Going swimming or lounging outside to catch some sunlight
  • Making bongs and other weed accessories from household items
  • Having an impromptu movie marathon
  • Dancing

Cannabis Improves Creativity: Myth or Fact

The frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for creativity. As such, an increased cerebral blood flow in this region can stimulate greater creativity in people. When a psychoactive compound like the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in marijuana reaches the frontal lobe, it can cause a relaxing effect that boosts creativity. However, it is important to note that the intoxicating property of weed leads to more divergent (free-flowing) thinking as opposed to the concurrent thoughts of a sober mind. 

A Dose For Creativity? Or Not?

While some researchers believe that low doses of cannabis can aid creativity better than high doses, other sources do not agree. One study showed that cannabis does not contribute to creativity at all. In fact, it establishes that high doses of the substance actually reduce creativity. 

Dr. Lewis Nelson, chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine and chief of the Division of Medical Toxicology at Rutgers University, sheds further light on this matter. He explained that non-creative people are better poised to show signs of creativity when they take small doses of marijuana compared to an already creative mind. He further said, “I can assure you that people who get a very high dose of THC won’t be creative. They’ll be very sleepy and very paranoid.” He also pointed out that “…it makes sense that low-dose cannabis in the right population” (the not-so-creative people)  “would increase creativity.”

Conclusively, cannabis’ contribution to creativity varies from person to person under different conditions. This fact means that it is always best to start slowly to understand its effect on your creativity better. Based on your tolerance level, you can then consume more if necessary.

Explore Your Imagination!

Although the extent varies from person to person, cannabis can expand your creative imagination when taken in the right amount. Also, you should know that the strain of cannabis you consume plays a role in enhancing your creativity. A sativa strain is known to give an energy boost, while an indica gives a calmer effect. You don’t have to just lie down after smoking some marijuana–you can also explore your innovative powers to have an even more memorable experience.

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