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If you are a person interested in smoking cannabis, you might have heard about the bong. It is a water pipe used for smoking cannabis. The bowl, downstem, base, and tube are the components of a bong. This device will have a bowl that will function as a container. This is where you will have to place the cannabis buds before heating.

The smoke created through heating will filter through water. This happens as the smoke travels through the stem under the device. The bowl would have been connected to the bong using a cylinder-like glass piece with holes. The smoke produced from heating will pass through the neck to the mouthpiece. This is the place, where you will inhale the smoke.

The easiness of use is one of the reasons why bongs are highly popular among cannabis smokers. Some smokers say that they love the bong with an ice pinch. The reason is that it provides room for adding ice to the water that enables users to enjoy cool hits.

As compared to other smoking devices, you can easily learn how to use a bong. The reason is that bongs need less prep work as compared to other such devices. Studies show that when marijuana smoke passes through water in this device, it might help with the removal of acetaldehyde and acrolein cytotoxins. These are risky to major lung defense cells.

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