Crystal Clear Hits: The 5 Best Bong Cleaners for a Healthier High


Using a bong is one of the best ways to smoke. You get to inhale your weed in its purest form, unlike using rolling paper which involves inhaling harsh smoke with your weed. Bongs get the job done—one hit and you’re on cloud 9. With bongs, you get a faster and better high from a single Read More

How to Detox From Weed: Emerging Methods for Cannabis Detox


Weed detoxes are popular for many reasons. The two most common needs for a weed detox are drug screenings and cleansing the system in hopes of increasing tolerance. While in time, cannabis will naturally leave the body on its own, many times, people do not have a month or two to wait and d Read More

The Science of Storage: Maximizing Potency and Flavor in Cannabis Preservation


Cannabis storage can be simple, as long as you are armed with the right information. If you are curious about how to store cannabis and cannabis products such as joints, concentrates, and edibles properly, you are in the right place. Choosing the proper storage methods can help you save Read More

The Dangers of Moldy Weed


  Is Mold on Weed Dangerous? Smoking moldy weed can be hazardous to your health. With combustion comes the release of spores and the risk of allergic and adverse reactions. Keep reading for more info on the dangers of moldy cannabis, plus the answers to some commonly asked ques Read More

Cannabis Vaporizers: Benefits and How to Choose the Right One


When it comes to marijuana, patients and recreational users are not limited to edibles, pre-rolls, or smoking with bongs or pipes. Vaping is a popular consumption method of choice for many cannabis enthusiasts. Vaping marijuana is a more accessible, faster, and healthier alternative for th Read More

How-To Create a Weekend Smoke Sesh to Relax and Recharge


How many people are using cannabis for mental health reasons? Well, when you think about it, all of them. Because whether you are a patient with a medical card and symptoms you are trying to manage or a recreational user, it doesn’t matter. There can be some emotional benefits to creatin Read More

How-To Use Cannabis Tinctures The Right Way 


For some people, smokable cannabis is not an recommended. Because it is not recommended for use when an individual has a respiratory condition. Thankfully, smokable cannabis is just one of the many options that patients have. Cannabis tinctures are growing in popularity, as an alternative. Read More

How-To Save Money at a Cannabis Dispensary


Adult-use or recreational buyers of cannabis have the option of using cannabis or not buying it at all. Living in a recreational state where cannabis is legal for anyone twenty-one (21) and over means, you can buy it at a dispensary when you want to. And when you can afford to. Pa Read More

Guide to Make CBD Topicals at Home


What Are CBD Topicals Good For? There are many wellness benefits that CBD topicals can be used for. Some people use creams and salves to help with pain management. Patients may also use CBD topicals to help with post-surgical wound care and healing. What Kind of Cannabinoid Wellne Read More

How-To “Get Back to Normal” After You Get Too High


You packed your bowl. Grabbed a bottle of water and turned on Netflix. Your dog? He doesn’t mind as you puff on your pipe and slide into that happy Sativa sweet spot. “Ahhhh…”. High! And then your girlfriend tells you that her parents are coming over later this afternoon. Saturday Read More

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