How To Identify Fake THC Carts

Mary Ekundayo

Posted by Mary Ekundayo on 02/22/2024 in Cannabis Concentrates

how to identify fake thc carts

The sale of counterfeit products has now gone way beyond designer clothes, shoes, and bags — they have branched out and included THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cartridges commonly used in vaping. These THC carts have become a major concern due to the potential health risks associated with the consumption of unknown and untested ingredients. 

Fake carts may imitate popular brands, which makes it challenging for consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake THC carts. Although this is now rampant, the original carts are still very much available. 

To avoid any confusion, consumers must purchase THC carts from reputable sources that can ensure the safety of the products they sell. Of course, we understand how tough it can be to differentiate the fake THC cart from the original THC cart. In this article, we’ll be giving an in-depth analysis of how you can differentiate between a real THC cart and a fake one. 

Check If The Vape Cart Has Been Tested And Approved 

Although different states have varying regulations concerning THC products, it’s vital to be aware of the laws regulating THC carts in your state to be able to check if your vape is fully tested and approved or not. 

Reputable THC cart brands are mandated to provide lab testing information to the public. As such, it should either be on the package or their website. Search for contents concerning cannabinoids, terpene profiles, and the results of safety tests for contamination. If they’re having issues providing this information, you most likely have a fake cart. 

Check the cart packaging for a QR code. Scanning this code can be a useful way to check if your cart is fully tested or not. Another way to identify is to check if there’s a number printed close to the QR code and compare it with the code on their website. 

Check, Compare, And Confirm The Packaging Of Your THC Cart

This is particularly important because most of these fake carts try their best to mimic very popular and legitimate brands. While what you have might look like the original cart, you can not be too careful when comparing and confirming the packaging details. 

These fake THC cart manufacturers are very good at making their packages look almost identical to the original carts. which means that the difference might be small. You’ll have to take your time to compare the tested package with the one you have with you. Start by confirming if there’s a batch or lot number printed on the packaging.

Additionally, if your THC cart packaging is covered with cartoon characters, then you likely have a fake one. This is because the government tends to have restrictions on any advertisement or packaging style that is likely to entice children. 

Real THC Carts Have Detailed Labeling Information  

In most states, there are stringent regulations that mandate a comprehensive process for the packaging and labeling of THC carts. Manufacturers have no choice but to comply with these strict regulatory requirements. To identify an original THC cart, it is crucial that the labeling contains detailed information. For instance, all of California’s cannabis products are required to have labels that include: 

  • Date of Manufacturing 
  • Date of packaging 
  • UID number 
  • Lot or batch number
  • Manufacturer name and contact details 
  • Government warning verbiage for cannabis 
  • Instruction or preparation to use 
  • Ingredient list 
  • Best by or expiration date 

However, these regulations vary from state to state, so you should check your state’s website to confirm what applies to you. 

Check The Ingredients 

It is always a great idea to do a quick check of the ingredients used to make your THC cart. It helps to ensure that you know what you’re about to consume. Over the years, there have been various controversies about the ingredients used to make fake carts and the damage they cause. 

Ingredients like vitamin E acetate, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin are mostly used for this purpose. Although these ingredients have been approved by the FDA for safe consumption, they have not been approved for inhalation, which makes it risky for users. Several investigations are ongoing on whether vitamin E acetate is the major cause of the various illnesses and deaths associated with vaping. 

The THC percentage in your cartridge is another clue as to know if your cart is fake or not. If your THC cart reads 60% or below, then there’s a chance that it has been laced with other additives. If your THC percentage is reading 90% and above, it may be a fake THC cart. 

Your THC Cart Is Too Cheap 

Are your THC carts too cheap? Then you might want to be sure you’re getting a real cart. Although THC carts are affordable, the process of making, extracting, and isolating these ingredients doesn’t come cheap. Most authentic carts consist of pure cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, and they require a lot of money and attention. While the carts available on the legal market vary in price, an extremely cheap cart is probably fake. 

The Consistency Of Your THC Cart

The consistency of your THC cart is another way to tell if your THC cart is the real deal. To confirm the consistency of your THC cart, hold your vape cart upside down. A pure vape cart will have a thick consistency and will move slowly. However, a fake will be thinner moving and may contain bubbles due to the addition of several cheap additives. 

Taste And Colour Of Your Cart 

If, perhaps, you’re not able to tell the difference between a fake cart and the original one before buying, using it only makes it easier to detect any discrepancy. If the vape cart you have has an orange tint or dark oil, then you likely have a fake vape cart. An original THC vape cart has a strong and clear gold shade and is juicy looking. 

When it comes to the taste, a burnt or metal aftertaste points to a counterfeit cart because the additives often produce a weird taste after it has been heated. 

Final Words 

If you have ever struggled with identifying a fake cart, then you’ll find this write-up useful. By applying the key methods already listed above, it should become easier for you to identify the original THC vape carts from the counterfeit. We hope that this helps you have a clean and safe vaping experience. 

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