Cannabis Concentrates

How To Identify Fake THC Carts


The sale of counterfeit products has now gone way beyond designer clothes, shoes, and bags -- they have branched out and included THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cartridges commonly used in vaping. These THC carts have become a major concern due to the potential health risks associated with the Read More

Dab Pen Troubleshooting: Tips For Fixing Common Dab Pen Issues


Did you know that there are various ways to consume cannabis without smoking a joint? Yes, you heard that right. Nowadays, a lot of individuals prefer a more conventional approach using devices like a dab pen or a vaporizer to enjoy their weed concentrate and extracts.  These devices o Read More

What is Live Resin? Everything You Need to Know


When we talk about live resin, we’re not talking about that tar-like black resin that clogs the inside of your pipe stems. Instead, we’re talking about one of the most potent — and luxurious — types of cannabis concentrates on the market. There’s a reason why so many cannab Read More

Rick Simpson Oil Unveiled: The Science, Stories, and Potential of RSO


If you’ve ever been to a marijuana dispensary, you’re probably familiar with the wealth of new cannabis products that hit the market every day. But one highly potent — and often homemade — cannabis oil has been getting more attention: RSO. RSO, better known as Rick Simpson Oi Read More

Solvent vs. Solventless: How Are Cannabis Concentrates Made?


Cannabis, throughout history, has mainly consisted of dried plant material that was smoked, the occasional edible, and cannabis tinctures for the most part. Today, however, in legal cannabis markets, there are a plethora of cannabis-infused and cannabis-derived products available for purch Read More

Precision Medicine: How Dab Pens Are Tailoring Medical Cannabis Consumption


A dab pen is a battery-powered portable vaporizer specifically crafted for consuming cannabis concentrates, commonly known as “dabs”. With a heating chamber that transforms concentrates into an inhalable vapor, dab pens offer a discreet, user-friendly, and swift method of cannabis cons Read More

THC Lean: Can Cannabis-Infused Syrups Provide Medical Benefits?


As the legalization and acceptance of cannabis continue to expand, so does the diversity of cannabis-infused products available to consumers. One such product that has gained popularity in recent years is THC Lean. While it may seem like a recreational novelty at first glance, THC Lean is Read More

Live Resin vs. Rosin: A Medical Perspective on Cannabis Concentrate Therapies


In the world of cannabis, there are many terms for the various products available and the multiple methods of consumption. Concentrates and extracts commonly reference a cannabis product made by extracting concentrated levels of plant compounds into a consumable product most often consumed Read More

NORML Files Challenge to Stop New Colorado Cannabis Restrictions


For years, Colorado has earned a reputation for being progressive about cannabis. The two states in America that people associate most with access to legal weed have always been California and Colorado. And Colorado has definitely enjoyed a significant uptick in cannabis tourism.  Read More

Dablets Are the New Cannabis Concentrate


Concentrates like resins, rosins, shatter and budder are high-potency cannabis products.  Many patients who have debilitating symptoms like chronic intractable pain, cachexia (wasting syndrome), or severe muscle spasm disorders find that concentrates can provide fast relief. One Read More

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