Can I Use Marijuana Instead of Antidepressants?


Many people self-medicate with marijuana to alleviate symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. Depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are among the most prevalent mental health conditions that impact people of all ages across the country. Antidepressants are typically the standard i ... Read More

The Impact of Smoking Marijuana Daily on the Body


Public opinion and local and federal policies about the therapeutic effects and safety of cannabis are slowly changing now that states across the country are moving to decriminalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Marijuana is quickly overtaking all other substances and n ... Read More

Marijuana vs. Viagra for Sexual Arousal, Libido, and ED Treatment


There’s a new Viagra on the market — and it goes by the name marijuana. Now that the positive and therapeutic effects of cannabis are more widely known and supported by emerging clinical studies, it is quickly becoming the sexual dysfunction treatment of choice for men interested in bo ... Read More

Do Different Marijuana Consumption Methods Affect its Bioavailability?


When you read the packaging on your medicinal cannabis products, do you get excited when you see the potency percentage? Many equate high-potency marijuana products with stronger therapeutic and psychoactive effects. But it’s important not to rely solely on what’s listed on the packagi ... Read More

10 Top Medical Marijuana Strains for Your Health


Medical marijuana is one of the most regulated controlled substances across the country. Currently, cannabis is a schedule 1 drug that supposedly has no medical value. Although the federal government doesn't recognize the therapeutics of medical weed, millions of people do. Cannabis ... Read More

Can Cannabis Give Opioid, Narcotics and Alcohol Users a Second Chance?


Opioid, narcotic, and alcohol abuse are one of the biggest problems facing Americans today. According to the CDC, over 930,000 people have died of a drug overdose since 1999. More than 80 percent of those deaths were caused by opioid misuse. Alcohol abuse is also a significant conce ... Read More

Using Medical Marijuana with Blood Thinners


The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is now legal in many states throughout the U.S. This is excellent news for patients struggling with several debilitating disorders that medical marijuana can effectively treat. However, this raises more questions about the effects it might have on ... Read More

The Dangers of Moldy Weed


    Is Mold on Weed Dangerous? Smoking moldy weed can be hazardous to your health. With combustion comes the release of spores and the risk of allergic and adverse reactions. Keep reading for more info on the dangers of moldy cannabis, plus the answers to some commonly ... Read More

How Marijuana Can Help You Get a Handle on Your Emotions


Have you ever considered using marijuana to calm your emotions? Whether you use cannabis to manage depression, anxiety, stress, etc., marijuana reportedly can make you feel better. Cannabis has a reputation for many things, including dissociation. Many people self-medicate with medi ... Read More

Cannabis-Induced Anxiety Attacks


Anxiety is a type of panic disorder that causes intense and persistent feelings of worry, stress, panic, and tension. It’s normal to occasionally feel anxious or uncomfortable and overwhelmed about people, places, things, and situations. You are not alone! It’s estimated that over 40 m ... Read More

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