Virginia Pushes Back Cannabis Legalization to 2024


In Virginia, lawmakers have been busy addressing different aspects of cannabis legalization in the state. In February 2021, the Virginia General Assembly reviewed a number of measures to take legalization of medical cannabis forward. Virginia will be the first Southern state in America t ... Read More

Is Cannabis Ruderalis a Better Choice for Anxiety?


Life with anxiety can be difficult. And also hard to quantify the daily symptoms because they can vary. First, there are different types of anxiety. Everyone can go through stressful periods where they experience ‘circumstantial’ depression or anxiety. When bad things happen, we’re ... Read More

Oklahoma Adds Two Year Extension to Non-Resident Medical Cards


On February 19, 2021, Carmen Forman for the Oklahoman reported some exciting news. The Oklahoma House had just approved extending the length of visitor medical marijuana cards.  Licenses that are provided for non-residents, living outside of the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma H ... Read More

Self-Care Sunday: Curing Covid ‘Groundhog Day’ Syndrome


America is celebrating the worst anniversary ever. It has been just over a year since the Covid-19 coronavirus arrived. And with it changes to normal life, at every level. From employment to entertainment, how we shop, work, eat and socialize. For some families, the pandemic resulted i ... Read More

Idaho Wants to Constitutionally Ban Weed


Thirty-six states across America have legalized medical cannabis programs.  But for patients in Idaho living with chronic diseases, debilitating symptoms, and terminal illnesses, the option for medical cannabis seems distant. Patients are caught in a tug of war, with staunch oppositi ... Read More

How to Dab With Terp Pearls and Marbles


Concentrates are popular for people who want a maximum dose of THC. To use concentrates, you have to have a special rig that will heat the concentrate and create a vapor for inhalation. Once you get the hang of ‘dabbing’ concentrates, it is pretty straightforward. Terp pearls are a so ... Read More

Self-Care Sunday: The Stoner’s Guide to Self-Indulging on Valentine’s Day


If you are single, Valentine’s Day marks the end of the trifecta of couple-focused holidays. First, there is the December holiday season. Followed by New Years’ (which, for most people, this year was celebrated on the couch anyhow). Then Valentine’s Day. It’s not that sing ... Read More

Joints for Jab’s: Pot to Get Your Shot in DC


Available only for residents of the District of Columbia. But in other states that have legalized medical marijuana, maybe it is not such a bad idea? Could you see local health organizations handing out a joint to thank you for getting a Covid-19 vaccination? What a concept! That's what J ... Read More

How-To Smoke and Hot Box Safely During Covid-19


After a year of social distancing, you’ve probably thought of every angle to reduce your risks of catching Covid-19. Like Dr. Fauci says, wearing a mask and avoiding crowded places is the first line of defense. Also, we’ve become obsessed with hand sanitizer. Even the Uber drivers hav ... Read More

7 Weed Apps to Bust Quarantine Boredom


Now that the political news has wound down to a soft roar, what else is there to do for entertainment? Around this time last year, we were all under the impression that the Covid-19 virus was going to be gone when the nice weather arrived. Kind of like the flu, which seems to back off by ... Read More

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