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Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 04/19/2021 in Medical Marijuana

Seth Rogen Houseplants Cannabis

It wasn’t long ago that the only packaging you got your cannabis in was a zip lock bag. Fast forward ten years later, and thirty-six states that have legalized medical or adult-use marijuana. Now, not only can we visit a dispensary to get quality cannabis, there are new celebrity brands. There is more to Houseplant by Seth Rogen than cool designer packaging.

Seth Rogen is the latest mega-star celebrity to venture into the cannabis industry. Rogen has established himself as the least likely Hollywood leading man. His characters in every movie have three things in common; his affable sense of humor, down-to-earth personality, and love of weed.

So, it is not surprising to see Seth Rogen throw his bong into the commercial ring. The actor has built that reputation as one of the best-recognized pop culture high-functioning potheads. Rogen is a good guy and relatable in movies like “Knocked Up” and “Pineapple Express.” He has starred in many movies and produced films like “The 40-Year Old Virgin”.

Although, we’re still trying to figure out how you flame a bong with the lighter. Tricky. But doable. Designed mostly for joints or pre-rolls, we suspect. The products and the strains are truly cerebral from reviews so far. And the website for Houseplants is trippy too.

A unique and highly creative marketing approach. Again, not inconsistent with Rogen’s creative genius. There are even soundtracks you can buy to go with the Sativa or Indica blends. Because for Houseplant, cannabis is ritualized enjoyment.

Rogen Has His Cannabis Roots in Canada

Interestingly, Seth Rogen chose to create “Houseplant,” his new cannabis brand in Canada. Unless you remember that Rogen is another viral comedy talent that started in Canada. The 38-year-old co-founder of “Houseplant” is a native from Vancouver, British Columbia. And if you have ever traveled to the region, you know the legend of Canadian B.C. Bud. 

Some people grow beards and gain weight, watching Netflix and avoiding the unmasked and public places. Seth Rogen already had a beard and that middle-aged married man look. Rogen and his wife Lauren have been happy to quarantine but a little bored. This is why he decided to push ahead on launching his brand of cannabis products and unique accessories. 

Seth Rogen also finished his memoir called “Yearbook.” It is being published in May 2021 by Penguin Random House. During an interview with the New York Times, Rogen summarizes the content of his book on the back cover:

 “A fragmented memoir made up of comical essays recalling his early stand-up gigs as a teenager, adventures at Jewish summer camp in his native Canada, and “way more stories about doing drugs than my mother would like.”

Seth Rogen created the Houseplant brand with his business and creative partner, Evan Goldberg. The duo launched in Canada in 2019. Houseplant cannabis strains and Seth Rogen’s weird (but cool) retro accessories have been available in California since April 15th, 2021.

Photo Credit: Houseplant.com

Houseplant Supports Cannabis Education and Advocates for Social Equity 

The Houseplant brand of cannabis products is now available at 17 dispensary locations in California. The available strains are Pancake Ice, Diablo Wind, and Pink Moon. But when you visit the website, the esthetic is kind of like Apple or Steve Jobs-esque. Big block names announce the Houseplant Sativa and the Houseplant Indica. Simplified.

Seth Rogen has involved himself in cannabis advocacy. Again, not surprising because he is passionate about marijuana. There is an educational and politically woke statement on the Houseplant website that summarizes his goals. 

“At Houseplant, we feel strongly about educating people about cannabis, a plant we love and believe substantially benefits society. We will always use our platform to educate people about the devastating history of the War on Drugs and help end the senseless, racist cannabis laws that, despite progress, still exist today. We won’t stop until every adult in America is able to enjoy cannabis without fear of being labeled a criminal.”

Some of the cannabis advocacy and social equity groups and organizations that Seth Rogen supports include:

  • The Marijuana Policy Project
  • Cannabis Amnesty
  • Cage-Free Cannabis
  • Black Lives Matter

On the website, you can also see Seth Rogen at his in-home ceramics studio. It is relaxing to watch him spinning his clay pots. And he looks happy doing his thing, a hobby that many people wouldn’t guess he’d be so passionate about.

Pottery for Pot? Houseplant Has Unique Accessories with a Boho Vibe

When you think of Seth Rogen, the first thing that comes to mind is pot, right? And hilarious films. But did you know that the actor, writer, producer is also a huge fan of ceramics? It is one of his many organic hobbies, and he has shared he finds it meditative.

But the credit for creating the hobby actually goes to his wife. Lauren Miller-Rogen has been doing handcrafted ceramics since high school. She got him hooked on it. And he loved the natural feeling of kiln-baked traditional pots and vases; he decided to create some cool stuff.

Houseplant is about communicating that chilled-out, down-to-earth nature and vibe that Seth Rogen embodies. You can get a ceramic lighter that is more than a conversation piece on your coffee table. And know that Rogen designed it. Rogen also recreated what might be the coolest ashtray in the world, architecturally speaking.

If you follow Seth on Instagram, you’ve already seen previous design iterations. The celebrity cannabis founder went into his ceramics studio at home and got creative. This is an example of some of his handmade products at home—the prototypes for the new Houseplant Accessories.

The organic goes beyond the theme, though. Some people want more natural products. Less plastic and more authentically real things. That feels good. That looks good. And make them look and feel good when they are using them. 

Architectural Digest Seth Rogen Accessories
Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Zen and the Art of Smoking Weed With Ceramic Things

The celebrity ceramic pieces (made in China) were so popular that consumers crashed the website several times. They are contemporary and traditional at the same time. They feel cool, organic, and Zen. And, of course, Seth Rogen fans love that he actually designed them. Not only that, but Rogen has two kilns in his home. He’s hardcore into ceramics! Who knew?

When interviewed by Architectural Digest, Seth explained his reason for designing the unique ceramic accessories:

“We are trying to really consider people who smoke weed in a way that they have not been considered before, just like alcohol has martini shakers, wine glasses, and corkscrews. If you are someone who smokes weed, there is none of that. There are BIC lighters, and you are ashing into a mug half the time.”

He is not wrong. Aside from cannabis fans that have a collection of glass or bongs that are works of art, most accessories are bland. Functional and rudimentary. So why not add some creative Zen to the everyday routine of enjoying weed? We agree. Now, try to get some of these products because there is a stampede for them. 

There are already a large number of design copycats on Etsy. But an ashtray that looks like Seth Rogen’s design but isn’t Seth Rogen’s iconic product? We’ll stick with the real deal. It’s a cannabis culture thing. Seth Rogen is to Millennials who love cannabis, what Willie Nelson is to Baby Boomers. No substitutes accepted. 

Featured Image Source: Actor Seth Rogen at the World premiere of ‘The Lion King’ held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, USA on July 9, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

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