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There are currently no dispensaries in Louisiana with your search parameters. Please check back soon as new dispensaries join our network frequently.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Louisiana

Just as patients with prescriptions go to pharmacies, patients with recommendations go to dispensaries. These locations provide a different experience than pharmacies. But, they have the same professionalism and security. Every dispensary sells legal cannabis medicine to qualifying patients.

Depending on where you live, dispensaries can also act as:

  • Health educators
  • Patient community centers
  • Delivery services
  • Cultivators and producers
  • And more

As of 2018, dispensaries in Louisiana have similar functions to a standard pharmacy, but they sell medical marijuana instead of pharmaceuticals. In fact, many state agencies refer to these places as “marijuana pharmacies,” although they technically count as dispensaries.

Let Connect You to a Dispensary

Medical marijuana follows different laws and procedures than traditional medicine, confusing many patients. While we consider many traditional healthcare laws common knowledge, most people can’t say the same about medicinal cannabis. Fortunately, can help. We help you through every aspect of the medical cannabis experience, including:

  • Learning the basics about marijuana medicine
  • Scheduling an evaluation from a cannabis-certified doctor
  • Obtaining a recommendation
  • Finding a Louisiana dispensary

Benefits for Patients

Patients who use benefit from:

  • A Comprehensive Dispensary Database: Our directories only list verified dispensaries. Every establishment you find on has our approval. You don’t have to worry about the source of your medicine.
  • Accurate and Current Information: com features detailed knowledge about every aspect of cannabis medicine. Learn about conditions that respond to medical cannabis, Louisiana state marijuana laws and more.
  • Marijuana-Certified Doctor Directory: In Louisiana, only specially licensed doctors can write recommendations. We work together with these doctors to bring you a database of physicians ready to help. You can choose a doctor and schedule an appointment all on one site.

The Perks of Listing Your Dispensary

Dispensary owners and staff have plenty to take advantage of when they list their dispensary with us, including:

  • Saving Time: Claim or create a listing in just a few clicks. You can keep the listing we created for you or make one yourself.
  • Building an Online Presence:com’s effective SEO strategies boost your dispensary’s search engine results. More patients can find your establishment, and your other web locations will grow by association.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Recommendation in Louisiana

Many states with legal marijuana medicine need patients to get a medical cannabis card before buying from a dispensary. Louisiana only requires a recommendation as proof that you have approval from a certified doctor. To get a Louisiana recommendation, you must:

Find a Certified Louisiana Dispensary Near You

As of August 2018, a total of nine dispensaries have licenses from the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. The Board may issue the tenth one in the future based on need. These dispensaries have locations distributed by region, so you can find one in your part of the state. Search the listings above to find an establishment near you.

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