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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida

Florida Laws for Medical Marijuana Use

The passage of the November 2016 amendment to Florida’s previous medical marijuana laws requires the Florida Department of Health to establish new regulations regarding the licensing of medical marijuana doctors in Florida and dispensary operations. Previously, doctors could only recommend low-THC marijuana to treat patients with debilitating health problems. Patients qualifying for full-strength medical marijuana in 2017 will need to obtain a state ID card showing they are a member of the Compassionate Use registry established by the Department of Health.

Language used in developing Amendment 2 permits licensed Florida medical marijuana doctors to recommend medical cannabis for any “debilitating medical condition.” These conditions include but are not limited to:

Medical marijuana recommendations indicate that a physician believes a patient would likely benefit from using marijuana for symptomatic relief and that the “potential health risks” of using cannabis are minimal compared to the risks of the medical problem. Florida marijuana doctors listed at may provide a recommendation for medical marijuana use after they conduct a complete physical examination and assessment of your medical history.

Latest News About Amendment 2 and Florida Marijuana Doctors

Florida’s Department of Health has until June 2017 to implement rules and regulations regarding the medical marijuana industry in their state. Until then, the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act passed in 2014 remains effective.

Procedures for applying for caregiver ID cards, registration of medical marijuana “treatment facilities” and clearer definitions concerning the amount of medical marijuana a qualifying patient is allowed to possess are expected to be included in the new rules. The possibility that Florida medical marijuana doctors will have a say in how much cannabis they can recommend for qualifying patients exists as well.

Find a Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor

Currently, an estimated 350 medical marijuana doctors in Florida have signed up to be physicians who can recommend MMJ to patients with debilitating conditions. From neurologists and oncologists to psychiatrists and family medicine practitioners, Florida marijuana doctors are available at to evaluate your health, diagnose your severe disease or disorder and give you the recommendation you need to obtain medical marijuana.

Potential medical marijuana users should be aware that Amendment 2 does not contain any information about health insurance and medical marijuana. Consequently, whether health insurance pays for medical marijuana will probably be left to the insurance companies to decide.

Accredited by Americans for Safe Access and NORML, is the leading resource for people with debilitating health problems interested in receiving MMJ recommendations and obtaining their MMJ card. We have a complete list of Florida medical marijuana doctors and Florida dispensaries as well as the newest information about physician locations, business hours, customer reviews of doctors and any changes to Florida medical marijuana laws. In addition, we offer telehealth services to make it easier for you to talk to a marijuana doctor in Florida face-to-face.

Contact us if you have any questions about scheduling a visit with an MMJ doctor using our online email form. In most cases, we will reply to your email inquiry within 24 hours.

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