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Marijuana Dispensaries in Delaware

With medical marijuana legislation slowly starting to undo some of the damage from the war on drugs, many people with a wide range of medical conditions are steadily joining the ranks of those benefiting from medical marijuana. Whether it’s recovering appetite after chemotherapy, treating intense chronic pain or any number of other problems, more and more states are accepting that marijuana is a way to treat these problems.

Delaware is one state where this legislation is being enacted and medical marijuana dispensaries are being opened. As a consequence, people are already asking questions about which dispensaries are the best for their needs and wondering about the legitimacy and legality of each dispensary.

Legal Conditions of Marijuana in Delaware

In Delaware, there are several conditions that qualify for treatment via medical marijuana. These include:

Patients younger than 18 years old can receive medical marijuana from recommending physicians, but these physicians must be focused on a field of pediatric medicine and the marijuana they receive can contain no more than 15 percent CBD or seven percent THC. Medical marijuana patients in Delaware can possess up to six ounces of marijuana. Home cultivation is illegal in Delaware, but there are state-licensed dispensaries that are already operational.

Browse Our Directory of Delaware Dispensaries provides a complete list of all certified, reputable Delaware marijuana dispensaries. Our team works hard to verify that every dispensary we list is completely legal so their customers don’t need to worry about violating state laws regarding medical cannabis.

Additionally, our site works to confirm that each dispensary is trustworthy so patients who are prescribed medical marijuana can rest easy knowing they’re going to get a legitimate medical cannabis product rather than a shoddy knockoff.

Who We’re Here For is intended to be used by both patients using medical marijuana and doctors prescribing the medicine. For patients, we provide telemedicine services, a list of medical marijuana dispensaries and doctors who are willing to prescribe medical marijuana. We also provide symptom tracking for those patients who find themselves in need of these services.

For doctors, our site provides information on legalization efforts and access to the first nationwide peer-reviewed studies of the long-term, wide-reaching effects of legalizing medical marijuana. Additionally, through listing on our site, we can bring in further patients to a physician by making it known through our portal that a listed doctor is willing to prescribe medical cannabis.

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Do you have a condition that can be treated with medical marijuana? is the #1 medical cannabis portal where you can quickly and easily book your medical marijuana evaluation appointment online. It’s free to book, and you only pay your doctor at the time of appointment. Browse through our directory and find a trusted, legal Delaware dispensary today.

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