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There are currently no dispensaries in Arkansas with your search parameters. Please check back soon as new dispensaries join our network frequently.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Arkansas

Medical marijuana is still rather new, in terms of infrastructure. It was only within the past few years that marijuana became legal for medical use, and the market is still figuring out how to handle it. Not only are there new dispensaries popping up all over the place, but there are plenty of doctors who are familiarizing themselves with the various ways medical cannabis can benefit people.

Unfortunately, given that there’s no real federal regulation for precisely how medical marijuana dispensaries should be set up, it’s left to each state to figure out how to implement things. This means each state has different laws and processes regarding how doctors can prescribe cannabis and how dispensaries can sell it.

With legislature changes in 2017, over 220 dispensaries and 90 growers have applied for licenses since October 2017. The state of Arkansas announced in Feb 2018 that had issued cultivation licenses to Natural State Medicinals Cultivation, Bold Team LLC, Natural State Wellness Enterprises, Osage Creek Cultivation, and Delta Medical Cannabis Company.

Finding the Right Arkansas Dispensary

Plenty of people are uncertain as to what even makes a good dispensary. Luckily, there are a few things you can always look for:

  1. Knowledgeable staff – A good dispensary will have staff that knows their stuff, and not just about what they can legally sell. They’ll also know about the variety of cannabis types and how they can affect people differently. In addition, they must have a solid understanding of edibles and how they differ from smoked marijuana.
  2. Community support – When a dispensary is doing good work, they tend to be welcomed by the community. They are, after all, respectable businesses, and there’s no reason a dispensary shouldn’t look just like any other business, in terms of marketing and set up. If a dispensary doesn’t seem to be professional, then they may not be the dispensary for you.
  3. Varied product – Cannabis comes in many forms, both smoked and edible. As if that wasn’t enough, medical marijuana can often be sold in THC pills, which act in a different way from even smoked or edible cannabis. Check if the dispensary has enough variety to meet your needs.

Get the Help You Need

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to check all Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries. You may not even be aware of how many Arkansas dispensaries exist! This is why each listing on our site allows you to see:

  • Location – You can see find the specific address as well as directions.
  • Hours – Like any other business, different dispensaries have different hours.
  • Reviews – What better way to gauge how good a dispensary is than by checking what other customers have to say about it?
  • Delivery info – Find out when they get their products from and whether or not they can ship product directly to your home.
  • Other details – You can find out things like specials, holiday hours and any other information you may need to know.

Not only that, but each dispensary is checked and double checked by We go to great lengths to verify that every dispensary in our directory is both trustworthy and operating in an entirely legal manner.

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So, if you have a prescription for medical cannabis or you need a certified doctor to evaluate your condition and write one for you, look no further. is your single source for the latest and most trusted Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries.

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