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Patients’ Guide to Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

While medical cannabis has already helped hundreds of thousands of people, the infrastructure of legal dispensaries is still rather young. Medical marijuana was only recently made legal, so the market for dispensaries is not yet mature enough to be readily available. New dispensaries are popping up everywhere, especially in places like Colorado where cannabis is legal for recreational purposes, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily easy to find.

This is only made more difficult by the lack of solid federal regulation on the subject. It’s been up to each state to set up their own laws regarding the dispensary market. Since each state has their own laws, the process of finding the right doctor to get a prescription and the right dispensary to fill the prescription can be difficult.

What Is the Right Dispensary?

Since medical marijuana is a new thing in Colorado, many people are clueless as to what makes a good dispensary. Luckily, all good dispensaries have a few things in common:

  • A staff that’s knowledgeable -The difference between a professional dispensary and a questionable one is a matter of knowledge — and not just knowledge of what’s legal, either, but also of the different cannabis strains and how they might affect a person. In addition to the various cannabis strains, they also need to have a solid grasp of edibles and how they differ from the smoked types of marijuana.
  • Support from the community – Dispensaries that work to be respectable businesses are generally welcomed by the community. At the very least, they’re tolerated. So, if the dispensary stands out like a sore thumb, they may be less professional than you want. Getting some information from others about how well the dispensary has integrated into the community can go a long way.
  • A variety of products – There are multiple styles of smoked and edible cannabis. There are also THC pills available for certain conditions. Make sure the dispensary has a variety of products to meet your needs as each product might affect you differently.

Get the Help You Need Here

It can be nearly impossible to evaluate every Colorado marijuana dispensary on your own. You may not even know how many exist! Don’t worry, though. has made is it easy for you. Each listing on our site gives you:

  • Location
  • Hours of operation
  • Reviews from real patients
  • Delivery information
  • Other details

In addition, carefully vets each dispensary to ensure they’re trustworthy and above board. Plus, our safe and secure system allows patients to pre-qualify online and book appointments with confidence. Bookings are always free, and you only pay your physician at the time of appointment.

Find a Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Near You Today

If you’re looking for a good place in Colorado to fill your medical cannabis prescription, look no further. Trusted by hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients in all legal states, is the nation’s leading medical marijuana portal available. Browse our online directory and find the perfect Colorado medical marijuana dispensary for your needs today.

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