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There are currently no dispensaries in West Virginia with your search parameters. Please check back soon as new dispensaries join our network frequently.

Marijuana Dispensaries in West Virginia

SB 386, which is designed to establish the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act, was approved by the state Legislature on April 5, 2017. Gov. Jim Justice, who expressed his support for the legalization of marijuana for medical use, ratified this bill on April 20, 2017.

Based on the bill’s content, patients who are qualified and registered to use medical marijuana will be allowed to purchase it from licensed dispensaries. The bill specifies that a dispensary is an entity that acquires, processes, possesses, transports, transfers, sells, dispenses, distributes or administers marijuana products including tinctures, aerosols, ointments, oils and educational materials to be used by a patient or caregiver.

The state’s medical cannabis commission is restricted by the bill to license a maximum of 60 dispensaries which will be selected to reflect geographic diversity. Each dispensary must provide adequate security and comply with the product handling and tracking requirements of the Commission.

Benefits of West Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Here are some of the benefits of patronizing medical marijuana dispensaries in West Virginia:

  • Legal Protection: A licensed dispensary in West Virginia and their agents enjoy legal exemption from arrest, prosecution and other penalties. All licensed dispensaries are allowed to stock, process, sell, distribute or dispense medical cannabis and related supplies without violating the provisions of the state’s cannabis act. Registered patients can be at ease ordering medicine without fear of arrest.
  • Sufficient Supply: Licensed dispensaries will be able to stock an adequate supply of marijuana in various forms to meet the needs of their clients. This gives you confidence that any time you place an order for medicine, you’ll receive that product without delay. The state law passed by the lawmakers permits patients to order and store a maximum 30-day supply of medicine.
  • Access to the Best Strains of Cannabis: West Virginia marijuana dispensaries are operated by competent and experienced employees who know the best strains of cannabis to treat any medical condition. They also know the most effective forms of cannabis that can give you or your patient the fastest relief from chronic pain or debilitating symptoms.
  • Efficient Delivery Services: West Virginia dispensaries offer efficient delivery services. In addition to picking up your cannabis in person, you can request home delivery service. This type of delivery is critical when you cannot go to the shop in person or when you need an urgent supply of medical marijuana.
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Our Dispensary Verification: To ensure your safety, protection and good health, we do a thorough verification of the directories listed here before publishing their contact details. We only display dispensaries we’ve strictly vetted and can vouch for. The dispensaries we promote are properly licensed and they comply with all the terms of the state laws that established them.

Get Important Details About Each Dispensary

Our West Virginia medical marijuana dispensary directory contains all the details you need to know about the licensed dispensaries operating in the state. We provide info about the physical location, telephone number, operating hours, mode of delivery, online ordering service, and other important details.

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