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Marijuana Dispensaries in Illinois

In 2013, the Illinois General Assembly passed a law that allows for the compassionate use of medical marijuana. This legislation limits the use of marijuana to a specific set of highly controlled circumstances. According to the law, patients first need to have a doctor-diagnosed medical condition that necessitates the Medical Marijuana Card.

On August 28th, a measure was passed that allows over 40 conditions usually treated with opioids to be treated with medical marijuana.

How Do Patients Benefit From Our Service?

  • Regularly Updated Information: Despite growing nationwide legislation, medical marijuana is still unchartered waters for some. As such, patients need a detailed and knowledgeable resource to provide current information and help them navigate the process of getting the medicine they need.

This is what is all about. We provide you with the most relevant information about all things cannabis. Whether you want to know about different legislation in your state, understand different strains of marijuana or locate a reputable Illinois dispensary near you, we’re here to help.

  • Fully Vetted Doctors & Dispensaries: Our portal ensures that only highly qualified and certified physicians connect with you. We perform a strict vetting process before letting any physician into our network. With MD, you’re assured that any doctor you find in our directory is a licensed individual who provides compassionate, competent care.

We also make sure that every dispensary on our platform is 100% legitimate and trustworthy. We perform very rigorous checks to ensure each provider is compliant with Illinois state laws and meets our strict standards of compassion, professionalism and legitimacy.

  • Easy Appointment Booking Process: Requesting an appointment through is a simple and streamlined process. Our portal allows patients to quickly and easily book an appointment with one of the doctors on our platform. If you already have a valid Medical Marijuana Card, we’ll also help you book an appointment with a nearby dispensary to get the medicine you need.

How We Help Doctors and Illinois Marijuana Dispensaries is also not just a platform for patients to find doctors and dispensaries. We also help physicians and medical cannabis providers find patients.

Here’s how we help:

  • Time-Saving Patient Vetting Process: Our portal eliminates wasted time by making sure that patients who connect with them already meet the state’s criteria to qualify for compassionate care.
  • Helpful Tools: We provide you with the tools you need to begin recommending cannabis and seeing patients immediately.
  • Hands-Free Digital Marketing: When a physician or dispensary joins our network, they benefit from an already established digital infrastructure. This means you immediately benefit from our strong online presence.

Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card

To apply for the card, a licensed practitioner must certify that the patient seeking treatment needs the medicine. This is where can help. We maintain a carefully vetted network of certified and licensed physicians that help qualified patients obtain a Medical Marijuana Card with no hassle.

We’re an industry-respected resource for all things marijuana. MD not only helps patients get the medicine they need, but we also help doctors learn more about cannabis and how it can help their patients.

Browse through our directory and get connected today!

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