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More About This Dispensary

Fiorello’s Pharmaceuticals

At the time of writing, Fiorello Pharmaceuticals doesn’t have an official menu yet. However, many New York dispensaries sell similar items due to product regulations, so we can still predict a general idea of their stock.

New York dispensaries can’t sell smoking products or edibles, and they must provide certain medical formulas. This means Fiorello Pharmaceuticals could offer vaping products, tinctures, capsules and oils. They must also have a CBD-dominant medication and a medicine with equal parts CBD and THC.

During development, Fiorello Pharmaceuticals’ researchers want to use novel approaches while maintaining quality. Stay updated with and Fiorello Pharmaceuticals for the latest information on their offerings.

What to Know Before Your First Visit

A lot of dispensaries in New York need patients to make appointments for their first visits, so contact the dispensary ahead of time to see if that’s the case. All New York dispensaries require first-time patients to bring along a state-issued photo ID, a medical marijuana card and a written recommendation.

Getting in Touch With Fiorello Pharmaceuticals Nassau

Fiorello Pharmaceuticals will open its four locations around early 2018, but an official address hasn’t been released for the Nassau location. Visit their headquarters at 12 East 49th Street, or use the contact form on their website for more information.

First-Time Patients

In August of 2017, New York approved a second group of dispensaries to join the trailblazers who started out with the medical marijuana program. One of those dispensaries, Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, has two different namesakes. One is the marijuana-positive NYC mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia, and the other is the original Italian word, which means “little flower.”

They plan to open their Nassau location as part of four different dispensaries located throughout the state. The Nassau branch will serve patients in the Long Island area, just east of Queens in New York City.