Cannabis Strains for Creativity (And How They Work)


You have a great idea for a book.  Or a screenplay.  And that idea has been bouncing around your head for a long time.  But every time you try to sit down and create, there is a voice inside you that tells you it won’t be good enough.  No one will like it.  And so, you give up.  ... Read More

Marijuana News Round-Up December 3, 2021


This week in marijuana news, Minnesota patients get another reason to look forward to the new year.  In other states, laws that would limit the potency of THC are being discussed.  Are there health risks associated with the regular use of concentrates? If you have just got your medical ... Read More

5 Health Risks of High Potency Cannabis 


It’s in the cannabis comment sections of popular Reddit threads. People are comparing notes on different strains and their effects. Comments about taste (flavonoids) and smell (terpenes) are part of the cannabis culture. People are passionate about their favorite herb and natural medicin ... Read More

Minnesota Edibles Coming Soon for Patients


Patients in Minnesota fought to have smokable cannabis legalized. And in March 2022, smokable cannabis products will be available in Minnesota dispensaries. Now, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has authorized edibles.   But only for patients registered in the medical cannabis ... Read More

How-To Use Cannabis Tinctures The Right Way 


For some people, smokable cannabis is not an recommended. Because it is not recommended for use when an individual has a respiratory condition. Thankfully, smokable cannabis is just one of the many options that patients have. Cannabis tinctures are growing in popularity, as an alternative. ... Read More

Op-Ed: Delta-10 Sativa Was Very Different Than Delta-8


It was legal.  On a legal technicality, the way that the federal government legalized hemp. And legalized products that were derived from hemp.  That’s how Delta-8 and Delta-10 exploded on the market.  People had a legal option.  Even in states that did not have patient accessible le ... Read More

Marijuana News Round-Up November 26, 2021 


This week in marijuana news, the headline stealer came from Michigan. A massive recall of cannabis products in Michigan becomes the largest in the state. There were an estimated 60% to 70% of dispensary products pulled off the shelf. Now, the state is facing legal action by the laboratory ... Read More

Texans Support Adult-Use According to New Poll


Imagine how frustrating it is to be a patient who is eligible for medical marijuana. And the states surrounding you have all legalized medical marijuana programs. Where patients can visit a dispensary, and purchase cannabis products.  There are more than a few states that have no legal ... Read More

Traveling With a Medical Card: How Patients Get In Trouble


Some people are surprised to learn that you can still be charged with possession. That’s right. Even if you have a medical card, there are a number of scenarios where you can be arrested. And many people aren’t aware of the risks.  First, the moment you step outside your state, the ... Read More

Baked Turkey and 10 Creative Cannabis Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas


Do you live in a state with unfriendly cannabis laws? In that case, November and the holiday season may be harder to cope with. Compared to your friends that live in 420 free zones, where adult-use and medical cannabis are legal. Some Americans living in legalized states are going to be ex ... Read More

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