Marijuana News Round-Up December 31, 2021

Marijuana News Round-Up December 31, 2021

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 12/31/2021 in News

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This week in marijuana news. Montana residents have something to look forward to on January 1st. Recreational cannabis sales in the state will start. But will adult-use products be available in every jurisdiction across the state?

Texas advocates won another decisive battle in court, to protect the legal status of Delta-THC products in the state. Delta-8 and Delta-10 products are still legal to sell and purchase for adults.  But a new fight is set to start to ban them once more, beginning in January.

Lamborghini is launching a new luxury beverage brand. And your questions answered about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and the option to try doctor-supervised cannabis for symptoms.  All this and more in our news round-up for December 31, 2021.

Montana Recreational Cannabis Laws

Recreational Cannabis Coming to Montana This Week

Montana voters supported the legalization of adult-use (recreational) cannabis on the November 2020 vote.  And now, in January 2021, recreational sales of cannabis will start.  And with it, some important new changes to cannabis rules and regulations in the state.

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Marijuana News: It Could Be More Than Just the “January Blues”

Did you know that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) impacts between 0.5% and 3% of Americans?  And for individuals who have been diagnosed with a major depressive disorder, SAD exacerbates symptoms for up to 25% of people.

For some people, prescription medications combined with light and talk therapy can be a solution. Because it can help alleviate symptoms. But it doesn’t work for everyone.  And some people find relief following a doctor-supervised treatment plan with medical marijuana.

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Lamborghini CBD Coffee

Zero to 60 In One Cup? Lamborghini Launches New Luxury CBD Beverage

When you think of coffee, do you think of a Lamborghini? The legendary sports car manufacturer already has a line of luxury lifestyle beverages.  And now, Torino Lamborghini has launched a new brand of their coffee, that is CBD-infused.

Why would you want to wake and not bake with a non-psychoactive coffee? Because some clinical studies suggest that CBD + caffeine work well together.  Cannabidiol can counteract the negative effects of caffeine, including jitters, headaches, and the feeling of caffeine crash.

Read:Lamborghini Launches CBD Coffee Products”.

Texas Delta THC Laws

Marijuana News” Round Two Won in Texas Supreme Court: Delta-THC Still Legal in Lonestar State

In Texas, the fight to keep Delta-THC products legal has been heating up since October. That is when the first ban on Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC vapes and edibles went into effect.  However, advocates including Delta-THC manufactures and hemp producers in Texas have been fighting it out in Supreme Court.

The Texas health authorities want a permanent ban on Delta-THC.  They claim that it is not legal, because the semi-synthetic THC products exceed the maximum 0.30% limit to be considered hemp.  But advocates of Delta-THC products disagree with the language of both the federal and state hemp laws.

Whether Delta-THC products will remain legal in Texas remains to be seen.  The fight in court and appeals will continue in January 2022.  Will Texans lose the right to choose Delta-THC as an alternative to the maximum 1% THC medical cannabis available to patients?

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