Marijuana News Round-Up January 7, 2022

Marijuana News Round-Up January 7, 2022

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 01/07/2022 in News

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Marijuana News Round-Up January 7, 2022

This week in marijuana news. Land of lakes and more dispensaries per capita than California? We’re talking about Oklahoma! Will the Boomer Sooner state be the next to legalize recreational cannabis? And will that mean more dispensaries in Oklahoma?

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, patients got some really good news about medical cannabis. Louisiana just became a “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” state by legalizing raw cannabis. But medical cardholders had some negative feedback already about pricing. 

Feeling tired? Welcome to the January blah feeling. If your energy levels have taken a nosedive, and you are feeling sluggish, cannabis could help. Learn more about common causes of fatigue and why you should talk to your doctor about any changes. 

Ever wondered which states have the most expensive weed? A new report sheds some light on places where pot gets pretty expensive—all this and more in our weekly cannabis news round-up from 

Oklahoma Inches Toward Adult-Use Legalization 

During the first year of legalization, Oklahoma provided over 2,200 cannabis business licenses. To some states, that number would be shocking. But if you have ever driven through Oklahoma, you know that there is no shortage of dispensaries. 

The State of Oklahoma has filed a second initiative petition to add a new State Question to the November 2022 midterm election ballot. This is not the first time that Oklahoma has attempted to legalize recreational marijuana. State Question 807 failed to get enough signatures in 2020 to make it to the ballot. The signature drive was stymied by Covid-19. 

Read more on The Oklahoman

Cannabis for Insomnia

Post-Holiday Energy Loss and General Fatigue? Cannabis Could Help

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over comes January. And with it, colder weather and shorter days with less sunlight. Whether you have a chronic health condition or not, the winter months can do a big number on your mood and energy levels. 

When should you talk to a doctor about energy loss? As soon as you notice that you aren’t feeling quite right. You are the best judge when it comes to experiencing fatigue. And there may be a number of causes that, if corrected, can help you restore that energy. 

Can you actually use cannabis to restore your energy when you are feeling depleted? It might be a good option for you to discuss with your doctor. Because some Sativa strains can not only improve mood and reduce stress, they can give you a little boost. And unlike other alternatives like carbohydrates or stimulants like caffeine, there is not the same ‘crash’ sensation afterward. Particularly if you use lower potency cannabis. 

Read:Feeling Blah? Cannabis May Help Boost Your Energy”.

Cost of Cannabis taxes usa

Marijuana News: Will Kentucky Be Next to Legalize Medical Cannabis?

It looks like Kentucky will be the next southern state on track to legalize medical marijuana. Lawmakers have declared that new legislation (which includes cannabis reform bills) are a top priority. 

That is really good news for patients living in Kentucky. Did you know that more than 50% of residents in the state have at least one chronic disease? And 10% of Kentuckians have two or more diagnosed diseases. 

But just because the legislation is a priority for 2022 doesn’t mean patients can expect to be able to purchase medical marijuana this year. But there are a few workarounds that lawmakers are considering, including legalizing home-grow for medical cardholders, both to address supply and demand problems and to keep it affordable for patients. 

Read: “Kentucky Cannabis Legalization Top Priority for Lawmakers.”


Are You Paying Too Much Per Ounce? Some States Have ‘Very High’ Prices

What do you think the average cost per ounce for cannabis is? It varies a lot, depending on the state where you live. But in some places across the country, cannabis prices are climbing. And getting very expensive for both medical and recreational users. 

Taxes are the primary reason why cannabis prices are increasing. And that is because cultivators, processors, and dispensaries pay different levels of taxes. Based on the pound, for example, for cultivators. But until cannabis is decriminalized or legalized by the federal government, cannabis businesses will continue to face increased costs.

A new report reveals which state has the highest per-ounce cost of cannabis. And we dive into the causes, including increased banking and advertising costs, licensing, and other expenses that trickle down to high-priced weed. The truth about the escalating cost of owning a cannabis business that you don’t see often, in marjuana news. 

Read: “States Where Weed is Way Too Expensive (And Why).”

Louisiana Smokable Cannabis

Marijuana News: Louisiana Patients Get Smokable Cannabis (With a Catch)

Louisiana has started to expand the medical cannabis program for patients. For example, some patients can now get a Louisiana medical card for a duration of two years. But one of the most important changes that patients were waiting for was the legalization of smokable bud. 

As of January 1, 2022, patients with a medical card can buy whole-flower cannabis from ‘pharmacies’ across Louisiana. And as you might expect, there was a little bit of a rush to purchase it after the holiday. But the sticker shock of the increased price per ounce was not what patients were expecting. 

Read: “Smokable Cannabis Available Now in Louisiana, But It’s Expensive.”

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