New Study Suggests Raw Cannabis Works Better for Children With Epilepsy


Life with epilepsy is hard to imagine unless you have it or know someone who does. Because living with seizures that can happen anytime or anyplace (with no warning) is debilitating for patients. And for children, it can lead to other health and developmental problems if symptoms are not m ... Read More

St. Louis Missouri Mayor Decriminalizes Cannabis


When Amendment 2 was passed by voters in 2018, more than 82% of residents in St. Louis Missouri supported decriminalization. Currently, only medical use was legalized in 2014. And the first sales of medical cannabis in Missouri began in October 2020. Just over a year later, residents an ... Read More

Proposed CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act a Game Changer


There are sufficient clinical studies and evidence-based data to suggest cannabidiol can provide wellness benefits. In some states, where there is no conventional medical cannabis program, clinical-grade CBD is a legal treatment option.  The CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act laws ... Read More

Tennessee Cannabis Commission May Allow Patients to Import from Nearby States


The road to providing legalized medical cannabis in Tennessee has been difficult. And frustrating for patients. In 2020, over 26% of people in Tennessee over the age of sixty-five (65) had at least three diagnosed chronic health conditions. The most common chronic diseases impacting res ... Read More

Marijuana News Round-Up December 10, 2021


This week in marijuana news, MariMed celebrated “National Brownie Day” in a (really) big way. They created what may be the world’s largest THC-baked edible. What would you do with an 850 lb. magic brownie, anyhow? We share some expert tips on storing your cannabis. While long-term s ... Read More

Baked in Massachusetts? Breaking Records on National Brownie Day


You’re going to need a lot of milk to wash this bad boy down. Today was National Brownie Day, and MariMed celebrated by breaking a world record. Or so they think. Get the Guinness Book of World Records on the phone before it’s all gone. MariMed was launching a new brand called “Bu ... Read More

WH and DEA Remove Obstacles to Cannabis Research 


Clinical studies and cannabis research need to be conducted.  For medicinal purposes, cannabis advocates feel that the healing herb could be a safer and more effective alternative to opioids. And helpful for symptom management for other conditions, such as epilepsy, depression, anxiety, s ... Read More

How-To Create a Weekend Smoke Sesh to Relax and Recharge


How many people are using cannabis for mental health reasons? Well, when you think about it, all of them. Because whether you are a patient with a medical card and symptoms you are trying to manage or a recreational user, it doesn’t matter. There can be some emotional benefits to creatin ... Read More

Will Kentucky Be Next to Legalize Medical Marijuana?


In 2022, a lot could be changing in the cannabis legal landscape.  The midterm elections alone in November could mean some shifts in political leadership.  In some states, that could also mean an end to legislative roadblocks between patients and cannabis reform.  It may provide an oppo ... Read More

Vermont Next to Propose 15% THC Cap? 


Smoke ‘em while you got ‘em?  Several states are weighing the plausibility of placing a cap on THC for medical or adult-use cannabis. And Vermont seems to be moving ahead with some laws that could impose restrictions on products available in dispensaries. Even for patients with a Verm ... Read More

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