Marijuana News Roundup January 14, 2022

Marijuana News Roundup January 14, 2022

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 01/14/2022 in Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana News Round Up

Breaking marijuana news this week! Researchers from the University of Oregon published a study that may give us a new weapon in the fight against Covid-19, Omicron and Delta variants. It could be cannabis to the rescue.

New Jersey patients are counting down to July 1, 2022, when medical marijuana will become tax-free. But only if you have a medical card. And another study provides a nod to cannabis use for ‘high’ performance at skilled technical jobs. 

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Taxes Are Taking Independent Pot Growers Down in California 

California has a cannabis problem. The state with the second-highest per-capita number of dispensaries (behind Oklahoma) has many growers. Some are large corporate entities, but many are craft cannabis producers. 

However, the taxation system for the cannabis industry in California doesn’t distinguish between large entities and small ‘ma and pop’ pot operations. And the state also has a problem with a large number of unlicensed cultivators. All of that is putting pressure on legitimate craft growers in the state. And causes many of those businesses to go under. 

Learn more on NBC News

Covid-19 and Cannabis Study

Marijuana News: Are Vaccines, Boosters, and Cannabinoids the Solution to Covid-19?

The solution to address the increased potential for new variants of the Covid-19 virus seems to be boosters. But vaccine producers are already saying that model is not sustainable. There are already concerns about producing enough vaccines, let alone recurrent booster vaccinations for every U.S. resident. 

Only 62.8% of the American population has been fully vaccinated as of January 12, 2022. A new study from the University of Oregon has provided a potential solution. Two cannabinoids helped cells repel the Covid-19 virus. As well as the Delta and Omicron variants. And the good news is that the cannabinoids can be administered orally, or by tablet or capsule, like a supplement. 

The study suggests that cannabinoids may not only protect people from becoming infected but reduce and improve recovery time. And that could be a lifesaving breakthrough. Before you pack a bowl, get the scoop on this marijuana news in our article. 

Read: “Cannabis and Covid-19? Study Says It Could Reduce Infection Rates.”

New Jersey Tax Free Cannabis

Patients in New Jersey Will Be Paying Zero Tax on Medical Marijuana Soon

The medical cannabis program in New Jersey has been on a three-year plan to phase out taxes for patients. Once recreational (adult-use) cannabis became legalized, the tax revenues from sales were used to fund both programs. 

What that means is that New Jersey patients with a medical card will now pay a 0% tax on cannabis products. Effective July 1, 2022, medical marijuana is about to get more affordable for patients. The average medical cardholder could save almost $1,000 per year in sales tax. And it is a model that many other states with both adult-use and medical programs may follow in the future. 

Read: “New Jersey Cannabis Will Be Tax-Free Soon (With a Medical Card).

Employer Drug Testing Cannabis

High Performance? Study Suggests More Than One-Third of IT Professionals Use Weed

Some jobs are very stressful and take a high degree of skill and mental clarity. That can mean reducing anxiety, improving energy, focus, and alertness. This sounds like a job for cannabis Sativa! 

A new study reveals that more than a third of developers and code writers use cannabis without impacting productivity. On the contrary, it may make them more productive. In an era of remote work, companies that want to recruit and retain IT professionals are ending random employee drug tests for obvious reasons. 

Read: “More Than 30% of Techies Use Cannabis to Code: New Study.

medical marijuana New York

Regional Marijuana News: Declined for a New York Medical Card? Reapply Now Under New Regulations

Each state with a medical cannabis program provides a list of qualifying health conditions. You must be formally diagnosed with one of the conditions in order to be eligible to apply for a medical card. And legally buy, possess, and use medical marijuana. 

But what do you do if you are a patient with a rare disease or chronic symptoms? Previously, that meant few options. Patients may always petition the state directly for special consideration. But until a patient has end-of-life (terminal) care needs, most states stick to the established list of qualifying health conditions. And the application is denied.

New York lawmakers decided to change that. They agreed that the best person to make the decision whether cannabis is a beneficial treatment option is your doctor. Late in 2021, regulations were changed to allow doctors to recommend any patient, for any condition, at the physician’s discretion. 

If you were previously declined for a New York medical card, now is the perfect time to schedule your appointment and apply once more. 

Read: “New York Doctors Can Now Recommend MMJ for Any Health Need.”


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