Elon Musk & 8 Other Celebrities that Support the Cannabis Industry


You may be surprised at the number of American celebrities who have been vocal about their support in the medical and/or recreational cannabis industry. Lending a popular culture voice of influence to the wellness merits of medical marijuana, and for safe-use education, American retail c ... Read More

Get Ready for Ketamine Care Clinics in the United States


Health professionals, patients, and lawmakers in the United States are watching the progression of ketamine laws in Canada, which allows for therapeutic use. Ketamine is still a controlled and regulated substance in Canada. It has been cleared by lawmakers for use in specific treatments ... Read More

It Is Time We Talked About Our History of Racial Bias and Marijuana


The connection between racial bias and marijuana is evident in the history of the United States. Statistics show that both black and white Americans use marijuana—medicinal or recreational—at the same rate. Black citizens, however, are 3x more likely to be charged with a marijuana of ... Read More

Ketamine is Helping American Veterans Recover from PTSD


Suicide, as a result of mental health disorders, is one of the reasons why ketamine is considered an option to treat PTSD in American veterans. In 2013, the United States Department of Veteran Affairs released a dismaying statistic about suicide rates. The study was conducted from 1999 t ... Read More

Florida Marijuana Dispensaries Report Record Sales During COVID-19


When the COVID-19 health emergency escalated in March 2020, many states rapidly implemented health protection measures. In some states, retail locations were legally required to prohibit foot traffic to their location in an effort to stem the spread of the life-threatening virus. No one ... Read More

7 Inspirational Black American Business Leaders from the Cannabis Sector


On average, the cannabis industry in the United States does not display racial bias that interferes with employability at the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, or dispensary level. All ethnicities, including black American business leaders, are welcome. That is the cannabis culture ... Read More

How COVID-19 Changed the Medical Marijuana Industry in America


As the United States contends with the first global pandemic since the Spanish Flu in 1918, the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus on the cannabis industry has, for the most part, been positive. The medical marijuana industry had to pivot hard in order to serve patients with chronic dise ... Read More

Canada Leads in Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for Severe Depression


In Toronto, Canada, a new therapeutic service center is using ketamine-assisted therapy for mental health patients who suffer from debilitating conditions. Other psychedelic drugs, including psilocybin and MDMA, are currently banned in Canada, with the exception of use for medical clinic ... Read More

Connecticut Expands Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana Card


On June 2, 2020, Connecticut approved two new medical conditions to be recognized as part of the state’s Medical Marijuana Program. This revision will qualify patients with chronic pain (of at least six months in duration), and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for the use of medical marijuana.  ... Read More

Charlotte’s Web Sponsors Clinical Trial on CBD Products’ Health Benefits


Do CBD products provide health benefits? The research to date has been conflicting. Most studies have been conducted with bias or sponsored by a CBD brand or producer. There has also been a rapid increase in bogus CBD oil products on the market. You may see these types of products on onl ... Read More

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