Happy 710! Some Facts You May Not Know About Dabbing Concentrates

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 07/10/2020 in Medical Marijuana

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You have already heard of the official holiday celebrated by cannabis patients on April 20th commonly known as 420. But did you also know that since 2011, July 10th, (710) has been the ‘secret code’ for dabbing concentrates? This method of cannabis intake for registered patients is growing in popularity in the United States.

When you look at the number 710 upside down, it spells oil. The global cannabis concentrate market is projected to reach $13.78 billion dollars in annual sales by 2026, with consistent growth of more than 17% per year. If you are curious about dabbing concentrates, read on. 

How is Dabbing Concentrates Different than Other Ways to Consume Cannabis?

There are a number of reasons why some medical cannabis users prefer marijuana concentrates, or dabbing. The first difference between dabbing and other types of smokable marijuana is that the concentrate provides a stronger effect (high). For instance, the average THC amount in a standard pre-rolled product or joint is 20%. However, concentrates can deliver 80% or higher THC to the patient.

The most common type of dab is butane hash oil (BHO). The process involves extracting THC from marijuana leaves using butane and then distilling it to a concentrate. There are other methods of creating concentrates in the extraction process. The preferred extraction methods of extraction are organic ethanol, water extraction, and C02.

When purchasing concentrates, patients should look for products that are already decarboxylated. This type of concentrate has been converted from the THCA (rare form) to activated THC. When a patient intakes a concentrate that is decarboxylated, it produces a more relaxing high without some of the symptoms of dysphoria that some patients may experience. Decarboxylated cannabis concentrates can create less of the traditional psychoactivity that THC products provide.

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Hemper Cocoa Mug Rig 

Dabbing Concentrates Can Be Effective for Pain and Symptom Relief

For patients, using concentrate is a faster way to relieve certain symptoms, particularly pain relief. In compassionate care plans, where a patient has a terminal illness, the management of pain and discomfort can be difficult.

Some of the most debilitating chronic pain symptoms include:

In compassionate care plans, where a patient has a terminal illness, the management of pain and discomfort can be difficult. This is particularly true if the patient has developed a resistance to pain medications, including NSAIDs and opioids. Dabbing concentrated medical cannabis provides effective relief and can help address sleep, pain, and inflammation problems for patients with chronic or terminal health conditions.

What Accessories Do You Need to Dab Marijuana Concentrates?

If you are a medical cannabis patient living in a state where concentrates are legal to purchase from dispensaries, you will need to find a method of dabbing that works for you. Some are very easy to use, with accessories similar to vapes. All you have to do is add the concentrate on the ‘nail,’ or the element that heats the concentrate. 

When you visit your local dispensary that sells concentrates, they will likely carry all the components and a selection of dabbing rigs. Dabbing rigs need to be cleaned regularly, as the concentrate leaves behind a residue. Make sure you look for a dabbing rig that is easy to dismantle and clean.


A percolator or “perc” is the chamber on your device that holds water. When you are inhaling a marijuana concentrate, the smoke travels over water to naturally filter it. Dry flower glass pipes or bongs work in the same way.

Heat Source (External) or E-Rig (Built-in Concentrate Vaporizer)

There are two methods you can use to heat up the concentrate in your dabber. For traditional dab rigs, you will need an external heat source, such as a lighter or torch. Some people prefer to use an e-dabber because it is the easiest way to intake concentrates. No heat source or nail is required for an e-rig, and it is easy to place the concentrate inside the rig, press a button and inhale.


You will need a metal tool to be able to scoop the concentrate out of your medical cannabis container, and then place it on your dabbing rig. They are inexpensive, small and the best kind of dabber to buy is one that has a small scoop shape on one end, and then a carb cap on the other. This allows the patient to adjust the airflow to condense the vapor and prevent it from cooling.

Pipe Cleaner

There is some maintenance required when you choose to dab, but it is similar to the cleaning required of a marijuana pipe. A pipe cleaner is an essential tool that helps clean all the areas of the stem and remove residue. There are cleaning solutions available from retailers, however, many people prefer to use isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) or a mixture of tea tree oil and salt to soften the residue before rinsing it out.

Oil Reclaimers

Did you know that dabbers can actually recycle some of the concentrates that they use? A reclaimer is a glass piece that helps collect the runoff concentrate from the inside of the chamber or concentrates left behind by the vapor.

After a few uses of your concentrate rig, you may be able to lightly heat and then scrape out reclaim oil. The reclaimed oil can contain up to 50% THC and other cannabinoids. As the reclaimed oil is decarboxylated, and some patients enjoy cooking with the leftover oil.

Purchased in a medical cannabis dispensary, concentrates come in a small, airtight container, and in a variety of different Indica, Sativa or hybrid blends. Do not let the small container fool you; just a little bit of concentrate goes a long way, and it is highly effective for conditions of stress, anxiety, pain relief, and other health symptoms.

Your local medical cannabis dispensary will help you find the right concentrates for your needs. They may also have a selection of devices and experienced customer service to help you learn how to dab safely and clean your rig.

Happy 710 from all of us at MarijuanaDoctors.Com!

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